Uganda Aster Integral Private Limited, I have worked

Uganda provides a perfect example of an energy povertycountry and therefore, I recognize its need for talent in form of planners and expertsin fields that are critical to economic development. My greatest challenge isin helping Uganda cope with the paucity of personnel with requisite skills inthe field of power systems in her ambitions of democratizing energy to itspoorest communities. The electrification process is likely to accelerate infuture, giving rise to a qualitative leap into the third industrial revolution forthird world countries like Uganda. Therefore, the need for trained engineerscapable of employing multiple-criteria analysis and cross- disciplinarystrategies to solve complex energy demand challenges cannot beunder-emphasized; hence my application to this scholarship program.Throughout my tenure at AsterIntegral Private Limited, I have worked as a junior electrical engineer, but myultimate goal is to be a reputable power systems engineer. Despite the factthat I have embarked on several projects, I lack both basic knowledge of computeraided design and systems analysis techniques appropriate to electrical powerand sufficient exposure to power systems operation and protection; thus, Ibelieve Newcastle University’s Electrical Power MSc program will improve my skillset. Additionally, my current fields of interest in power systems design,operation and protection require a deeper understanding of the analysis anddesign of transmission and distribution networks, power flow, fault andstability calculations, power system control including load frequency controland economic dispatch, generation technology implications on power systemdesign and operation which I lack at the moment. As a Master’s student at NewcastleUniversity, I intend to participate in the research being undertaken by the schoolof engineering in virtual power plants and energy storage for low carbon gridsbecause I find them intriguing.

I will bring a unique and much-needed perspectiveto my graduate program, and I will take the technical and theoretical knowledgefrom my graduate program back with me to Africa to further my career goals as apower systems engineer.Upon acquiring my master’sdegree, I am strategizing on getting employed at a managerial level in UgandaElectricity Transmission Company or Rural Electrification Agency. Working with eruditeprofessionals in the field of power systems is crucial as I feel I’m at my bestwhen working with other high quality people. This particular prospect isappealing to me because of the complex nature of Uganda’s power transmissionand distribution network as well as the diverse responsibilities, which willenable me to broaden my skill set. Newcastle University has ahistory of awarding scholarships to promising young students from thedeveloping world in order to bring knowledge, skills and leadership abilitiesto their home communities. I have stellar recommendations which show that I amtalented; I have gained professional experience in my proposed field of studybut I wish to broaden my expertise, and with your assistance, I can.

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I thankyou for your time and consideration for this prestigious award.


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