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Types of menTypes of dumping Different ways girls deal with getting dumpedAdvice on how to deal with it,  for example: movie ideas, song ideas and activities to help get over a break upThe audience that is targeted would be all women going through a breakup”Bittergirls are everywhere. You’ll see one in a neighbourhood bistro as she laughs heartily with her circle of friends, you’ll exchange a meaningful glance with one at the hardware store”(11-12)Tone is positive, with f$%k it attitude     “We’re here to help pick you up, pull out the shrapnel, straighten your uniform, and send you back into the world with guerrilla tactics, unstoppable strength, and impenetrable self esteem”When in a relationship it is good to keep some warning signs in mind before the breakup happens1.

They doesn’t make the effort to make conversation anymore 2. When playing a intense game of scrabble they “uses the letters l,o,v,e to spell vole” page 1423. They get you a OH Henry bar even though your allergic to nuts4.

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They never ask about how you are doing, they only talk about them”You know there is a reason the phrase “men’s intuition” doesn’t exist…God gave us women’s intuition.”{(page 140)Going through a breakup can be some tiering work, and there is a good chance you’re gonna be hungryComfort food is the way to go, some suggestions would be:Tub of ice creamMac and cheeseGrilled cheeseAnything with cheeseAnything from the freezerYour mom’s famous chicken noodle soupThat chinese place down the street A good old juicy burgerAnd two shots of vodka “Bittergirls have been known to use food aws a substitute –to forget.

“(page 74)Movies are essential to make time pass quickly,  especially when all is going wrong in your lifeSome good movies  to cry to, and laugh to…Marley and MeThe NotebookAnything with Jackie Chan Lion king Sex in The City (all seasons)Love Actually Shrek 1 and 2White Chicks Anything with Will Ferrell “Movies ae a great escape and an effective wayOf getting those salty teardrops out of your System (page 76)Sad, tired, sick, fed-up or mad, listening to some cool tunes will make anyone feel a bit better.

Some cult classics would be…Bodak YellowFriends Theme SongRun the World (girls)UnwrittenBeggin’Pon de ReplayGirls Just Gotta Have Fun I Will SurviveWe Can’t StopGives You HellFeel It StillSorry Not Sorry”AS LONG AS IT WASN’T A “SPECIAL” SONG FOR THE TWO OF YOU” (page 78)Friends can be the best motivation to get out, and have some fun. They always seem to have the best ideas when it comes cheering you upGo out for a night on the townPlay laser tagMini golf maybe?Weekend trip to VegasCop some ticks to your fav teams gameShopping spree Sleepover and movieDedicate a saturday ferda Go party crashing So your relationship is over, done, gonzo.

You need to be the one getting the last word and there is no better way then hitting your ex with some sweet, sweet revengeReturn his toothbrush, but clean it in the toilet firstTP his entire houseGive his dog laxativesPut his email into every spam mail account you can find Embarrass him on your social media Go on a hot date with someone else and “accidentally send him a picture of it” or just date his best friend


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