Type driver of BMW, registration BMW X

Type of Incident Car accidentPolice Incident NumberN/ADetails of Incident On Saturday 03/09/16 as I was on duty at Stafford service as Traffic Steward with my colleague Paul Brown an accident happened at 14.49 PM. Mr CHARLES SMITH, driver of BMW, registration BMW X 5 M1 CGS came and I allocated him where to park. And for any reason the driver tried to park and hit another car a TOYOTA aygo Registration MW 16 VOV, belong to Ms MARY KENNY. That Toyota was parked already on designated bay. The BMW hit the Toyota from the passenger side the car was smashed and damaged. The BMW tried to escape from the scene, I told him to stay otherwise the police will be called. What he did. I took his detail while I was doing that Ms MARY KENNY driver of the Toyota came then I passed her the details of Mr CHARLES SMITH. They starting shouting to each other, I have to intervene and calm them down. They exchanged addresses and surely their different insurances company will deal with the matter. The accident did not led to any physical damages neither injury. I can say it was raining heavily, the visibility was poor, the floor was slippery. I tried to inform the manager of WH Smith (where we sign on arrival) but there was nobody. But i informed a member of the staff about the accident. The colleague I was working with Mr PAUL BROWN was informed but did not see the accident as he was working on the other side of the parking. No witnesses on the scene. Cars and owners details Mr CHARLES SMITH, BMW X5 REG M1 CGS contact 07909682106 Ms MARY KENNY, Toyota aygo, REG MW 16 VOV contact 07818424897. GREBE OHOLO GREGOIRE. Action Taken People Informed Comments Security Officers Signature Grebe Oholo GregoireDate03/09/16Managers NameManagers Signature Date List the details of all witnesses including their full name and contact details address (including postcode), telephone number (home and mobile), e-mail address and a brief summary of what they can say Incident Report Form O03 Revision 1Page PAGE 1 of NUMPAGES 3 Date 02/2015

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