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Tyesha ReeveyReflective Statements of Competence(CS1) Competency Statement 1: To Establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environmentSafe: One of my top priorities in our infant/ toddler classroom is to ensure that all of the children have a clean, clutter- free, safe environment. It is our responsibility as Teachers to supervise all children at all times.

The best way to achieve this goal is to stay in child/ teacher ratio (4:1), using the “Name- to- Face” method and updating the daily tracker as often as every 45 minutes to an hour to ensure all children are accounted for. Another way we practice and maintain a safe learning environment is to clean and sanitize frequently; by using a soap and water solution to clean and wipe surface areas as well as a bleach and water solution to sanitize. Another step we take to ensure all the safety of our babies is to cover all outlets.

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Safety is such a priority that for me that I also check my classroom’s medical bag to make sure everything is stocked and in working condition.CS 1a: HealthyThe children’s nutrition plays a role in their overall health. Although I did not create the menu, I can proudly say they are offered food from all main food groups, and it can accommodate all children’s dietary needs.

The menu not only gives you a break- down of what will be served, but tells which size measuring cup goes with what because at our center we offer the children a Family- Style (self-served) dining; which is great because it’s teaching kids independence and how to feed themselves. And as I mentioned previously, we want to maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment, so each child is to wash their hands before and after meal-times and multiple times throughout the day to prevent germs from spreading from person to person.CS 1b: Learning EnvironmentI believe the room design and layout is set-up in a way the children will learn best because; everything is eye level for them, most of the decorations are their artwork and other fun craft projects we do together, and also because there’s plenty of other things they can explore their creativity with. Play experience is a great teacher! Our classroom has puzzles, blocks of different shapes, textures, and sizes, and puppets. Of course we have the basic construction paper, crayons, books and play dough but the list goes on.

Our children are able to play and pretend dress- up and be little chefs in the kitchen. So anyway, my point is the children will explore all these different things, learn a lot and have fun while they do.CS 1c: Lesson PlansMy lesson plan shows that all areas of develop and learning are important. I definitely try to choose something that’s going to grasp and keep their attention. Activities within the weekly plan are adjusted so they fit all children’s age- appropriate needs.

(CS II) Competency Statement II: To Advance Physical and Intellectual Compentence


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