Two kidnapping, murder and telepathy. It is an

Two little girls in blueThe book “Two little girls in blue” by Mary Higgins Clark is a thriller about crime against children, kidnapping, murder and telepathy. It is an easy reading book and its lively narration fascinates the reader and makes it hard to stop reading.

The main theme in the book is the kidnapping of two little girls. Mary Higgins Clark describes the reaction of the parents, family and friends and relates with this topic to a fear every mother has. No parent wants to be in this situation and this book shows how hard it must be to handle such a crime.

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“They hugged each other as the hysteric laughter broke and the harsh sound of dry sobs mingled with her wail. I want my babies back. I want my babies.” (pg.

10) I remember clearly that my mother taught me to not talk to strangers, to not take anything from people I don’t know and most importantly to never go with a stranger even if he or she seems to be friendly. I’m sure that my mother’s fear that I could get kidnapped is the reason behind all these warnings. While you read this book and read about how helpless and alone the parents feel and how they have no idea what to do because they are afraid to lose their children forever you start thinking about what you would do. I wondered if I would do the same things as they did or if I would do something different, if I would handle my fear good or if I would break down and how I would feel if my children, brother or sister would get kidnapped. I think that the fear of losing someone you love is a horrible and I don’t wish anybody to.

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