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At first glance, the movie, Tuesdays With Morrie, appeared to be a movie about an ex-student learning a final lesson about life from his dying ex-professor.But, as the movie progressed, I felt it was actually a movie about two dying men.Morrie, the old professor, was in the final stages of ALS and physically dying. Mitch, the former student was a commitment-phobic living an unfulfilled life and spiritually dying. Spiritual death is reversible, so Mitch tried to gain some of the wisdom and learn some of the lessons that Morrie had already learned in his happily fulfilled life. On the other hand, physical death is irreversible and Morrie realized that his time was growing short. He had concerns, such as becoming increasingly dependent on others, that he wanted to discuss.

Most importantly, he wanted to teach the world one final lesson on "The Meaning of Life" and he needed Mitch to be his messenger. For fourteen weeks, Morrie and Mitch discussed life and how it should be lived. Topics included issues concerning love, commitment, forgiveness, family, and regrets.By the time Morrie died, they had helped each other transition to a new life. Their discussions changed Mitch’s life.

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Before the weekly lessons with Morrie, he appeared to be terrified of love and commitment. He was also afraid of displaying affection like kissing, touching, hugging or crying. He broke promises to Janine, didn’t save a lot of time for her, and was basically stringing her along. The movie didn’t dwell on why, but it showed that he was totally consumed with his job. In fact, his job was his main priority.Maybe he was afraid to face his fears and kept his mind off of them by absorbing himself in work. But, Morrie made Mitch face those fears, taught him that love was the most important and powerful force in life and without it, we’re nothing.

Mitch ultimately realized that his priorities were backwards and sought more meaning in his life. He learned to take time for others, especially Janie, and show affection. Love and commitment no longer scared him and he was able to savage his relationship. Morrie essentially saved Mitch’s relationship with Janine and made him realize that there was more to life than just work.

Mitch helped improve Morrie’s.

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