How Gehrig’s disease, a brutal, unforgiving illness of

How to give a summary of such a powerful book seems to me to be beyond comprehension. The book has left me so full of life, so committed to changing the way I behave, the way I think, the way I feel about life, death, how I treat others, and how I spend the hours of everyday. The book has left me with thousands of zooming thoughts in my head, like moths circling a light bulb, just trying to feel the soothing heat being radiated from it’s ember glow.

The way I feel after reading this book, must be how an immigrant felt when taking those first steps onto American soil. Extremely overwhelmed yet so filled with anticipation for the new life they can lead, if only they make the right choices for themselves, and not fall into the pitfalls of society’s culture, but make a culture of their own. “ Invest in the human family. Invest in people. Build a community of those you love and who love you” The main character of the book is a College professor at Brandeis University in the city of Waltham, Massachusetts. His name is Morrie Schwartz. One of his students (who he hasn’t seen in sixteen years) has just heard the news of his favorite professors, battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL), Lou Gehrig’s disease, a brutal, unforgiving illness of the neurological system with no known cure.

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The student, Mitch Albom, (also the author) decides to fulfill the promise he had made to Morrie after graduation, of keeping in contact. He catches a flight to Massachusetts on a Tuesday and does this for the next several Tuesdays till the death of Morrie. On those Tuesdays, classes were being held, not in the all too familiar classrooms of the college, but in the intimate setting of Morrie’s home. They would write their final thesis paper on “The Meaning of Life.

” The paper was to include but not be limited to the following topics: Death, Fear, Aging, Greed, Marriage, Family, Society, Forgiveness, and A Meaningful Life. Every Tuesday when Mitch would arrive he could see the brutal deterring of Morrie’s small disease infested body. Yet the spirit of this small dying man was bigger than life itself. This confused Mitch, but as the story progresses Mitch begins to comprehend why this man with only months to live is still so filled with life.

Morrie points.

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