Tsunamis (Guenneau) says that “we don’t have to

Tsunamis can endanger peoples lives. Especially to those who live within a thousand miles of the coast line. This is why scientist are working to prevent them and save the lives of many.

Tsunamis are powerful waves in the ocean that grow as they reach shore.” The water races away at speeds up to 800 kilometers (500 miles) per hour, or as fast as a jet plane.” (science News For Kids) They can contribute to damage of homes, cars and people when they flood cities science news for students said, “In just minutes, the tsunami destroyed cities and about 16,000 people” (Science News For Students). According to Earth Science for Kids (Ducksters.com) “Most tsunamis are caused by earthquakes”. A tsunami is created when there is an earthquake underwater.

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Usually water gets sucked back into the ocean and then spit back out at a rapid pace and grow as they get closer to the shore. Science News For Kids says that the waves can sometimes grow as high as a ten story building. Scientist are working on how to protect people from tsunamis.

In 2008 the scientist of America and Britian constructed the worlds first invisibility cloak. The invisibility cloak “works by redirecting light that around an object” (Science News for Students). You may be wondering “How in the world would an invisibility cloak relate to tsunamis?”.

Well, the invisibility cloak redirects light, if we could redirect water then we may never be hit by a tsunami again. The designer of this idea (Guenneau) says that “we don’t have to break the wave, we just have to guide it in the right direction”. He developed the idea on his computer, then made a model. The model was successful. He predicts that the ‘cloak’ will not harm the environment but provide shelter for sea animals. He is still making models to try to find all flaws and fixing them before putting them out in the ocean.

Tsunamis are deadly. With tsunamis occurring mostly in the pacific, the pacific is the most dangerous place to be so scientist want to put the structure there first. This idea could be an outbreak in the safety industry. The structure will be an innovation to society and beach lives. We may never have to donate to people who lose their homes and belongings to tsunamis. We might never have to reconstruct a society again.

Nobody would have to lose a loved ones due to a tsunami.


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