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t’s 2003 in Singapore, Asia. Thousands of people forced to be on house arrest and watched by the government. Cameras and electronic bracelets placed in every single home. Failure to cooperate would be punishable by prison. But what could these people have possibly done to be treated like this? Many just simply coughing or sneezing. Well a new questionable respiratory disease called SARS was about to break loose. Stats/beginning:Severe acute respiratory syndrome or more commonly known as SARS was fastly brought up in the years of 2002-2004. In 2002 the first human SARS report was in Foshan, China. And from there the uprising began. From that day there was reported about 8,100 cases with around 800 deaths just in 2003. SARS originated from Shunde, China in a snake , then 8 months later progressed to humans. Michael Lai believes it’s no surprise that humans contracted this from animals, due to all the social customs of wild game hunts people do in southern China. Patient Zero:From the up rise of SARS in 2002 action has been taken. In 2003 the infectious respiratory disease took control. With nearly 8,000 cases and 800 deaths something needed to be done. Liu Jianlun was considered patient zero. Liu contracted symptoms on a visit from Huang Xingchu to Hong Kong. He not only affected people in his family but guest at the hotel he was staying at. Not only did he die but so did one of his family members. After this incident on February 15, 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) called a travel advisory. Making this a global threat. How Corona is linked to SARS:SARS is caused by coronavirus. A single strand of RNA, belonging to the subfamily of coronavirus. In this group there are 7 know human viruses all causing a different range of symptoms. Coronaviruses causes a range of symptoms ranging from mild to extreme. Most of the symptoms dealing with your respiratory with a little sneezing and coughing here and there..This virus mainly targets mammals and birds. In the Coronaviruses subfamily there are 3 main groups. Alpha, beta, and gamma. From the 2002-2003 there was an epic break out of SARS-CoV. Mainly around the Asia and North America area. This infection can cause cell peeling, cilia damage, and alot moreSymptoms:
Francescato 1SARS symptoms start off pretty normal. With a medium to high temperature of around 100.4 degrees fahrenheit. Headaches, sore throat, loss of appetite, confusion, rashes night chills/sweats and just an overall feeling of discomfort. In many cases patients have been known to have diarrhea. Once the infection has settled in about 2-7 days later the patient will develop pneumonia, a lung inflammation where the infection will fill the lungs will become full of pus. Normally in boths lungs. Next will come breathing issues within the 7-10 window. How to contract SARS:The main way to contract SARS is by being within 2-4 feet of someone who has it. Coughs, sneezing, and face-to-face contact are some things to look out for. SARS can also be contracted by touching surfaces with respiratory droplets then touching your eyes, mouth, or nose. Researchers have reason to believe this can be spread through air but there is no solid proof yet. Another factor to look out for is out of country travel where know cases have been reported. How to treat SARS/ Progress:At this point in time there is not a treatment that works for everyone. Steroids or Antiviral medications help to reduce lung swelling. But this treatment does NOT work for everyone. If breathing gets out of hand a ventilator or oxygen tank will be prescribed. If by chance someone has already had SARS and contracts it again blood plasma will be administered to the patient. However, researchers and scientists have not yet found the evidence needed to prove these all are effective ways to treats SARS. How to help prevent contracting SARS:If you know someone who has been diagnosed with SARS or has traveled to a place where an outbreak was reported, here are some ways to protect yourself from getting it. Wash your hands as much as possible, where gloves when touching anything, to avoid face to face transmission where a mask when near that person, make sure to wash everything when someone like that has touched your personal items. Make sure all these steps are being taken while and 10 days after you have been in contact with this person. How to diagnose/ action to take when contracted virus: Because SARS resembles so close to a common flu or cold there have been lab tests developed using the throat nose or blood to detect SARS. Because when the first outbreak was discovered and they didnt have these tests medical history and CT or X-rays helped doctors confirm the issue. After SARS has been diagnosed in the patient they will immediately be quarantined along with any family member who was in contact with the person and anyone with a out of country travel history where outbreaks were reported. Since 2004 there has been no report of a SARS outbreak. But because this freakish outbreak arose in 2002-2004 with the look of no end, researchers have been looking for a treatment for all. But there has still been no break through. And even though the numbers of SARS patients have had an overall decrease this epidemic
Francescato 1made a huge impact on the world as we know. Many are more aware of where they travel and who the come in contact with.


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