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Truong NguyenProfessor GallamoreHumanities 2143-MR01S10 May 2017 Unit 5 Assessment Option B 1RavenIn the myth Raven and the Sources of Light shows that Raven is not a typical hero that who have a tremendous of strength and fighting ability but he is a smart and clever. Raven want to find a way to give the light to his people in the cleverest way without any fighting involve.

Unlike the myth of The Quest for the Sun, where the main character been though many battle and eventually fall shows how difficult the task was. Raven know that his weakness is fighting so he deicide that he gains the trust from the chief “I must find a way to live in the chief’s house and capture the lights.” (“Raven and the sources of Light” 635). Raven turn himself in to a seed and floating on the stream until the chief’s daughter drink the water. The woman become pregnant, and soon gave birth to a son, who was Raven. The chief love his grandson and give him whatever he wanted.

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Raven notice that there are many boxes that hanging on the wall so he is pointing at them and eventually the grandfather give raven all the box that he points. Each box contains each of their character like the star, moon, etc.… Raven start to open each box and let it flew into the sky though the smoke hole, when it comes to last box his grandfather took it down holding in his hand and say that ” When I open this box, I am giving the last and dearest of my possessions” (“Raven and the Sources of Light” 636 )the chief then close the smoke hole and waited until raven got bore of the sun and then put it back to box. Raven patiently repeat the game and one day the chief forgot to watch raven and close the smoke hole. The child return to his Raven shape and grasped the ball of light in his claws and flew up though the smoke hole into the sky and return the light to all the people.

What I have learn from this myth is that, being success does not mean that I must be power or wealthy but being patient and wait for the time to come. It’s also shows me that how much values of love. The chief love his grandson so much that he could give him anything that he wants as long as he happy.

Work Cite”Raven and the Sources of Light.” World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics, 3rd ed., authored by Donna Rosenberg, NTC Publishing Group, 1999, pp. 634-636.


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