Trump’s survived appalling scandals and serious mishaps on

Road to the White House reveals how Trump initially thought his candidacy was a
longshot. Through interviews with key players and insiders in Trump’s campaign,
this documentary shows how he rallied millions of supporters and went against
expectations to win the presidency. This documentary describes how Trump
survived appalling scandals and serious mishaps on his way to the nomination
and general election. Trump’s Road to the White House takes viewers inside the
crucial 48 hours of the campaign. It is the story about the millions of voter
who went against expectations about what makes a president. It is the story of
the new president and the Americans who helped send him to the White House.

War told the story of the rise and future of Steve Bannon, President Trump’s
chief strategist. The documentary shares his war with radical Islam, Washington
and rivalries of the White House. It is the story of Bannon’s fight to deliver
on Trump’s promises and a confrontational attitude based on his personal war to
dramatically change America. It shows how Bannon parlayed a career in Hollywood
finance and later to the building of the Breibart News Network and later as an
influential factor in right-wing politics and into the election of Trump.

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