Trial HSC Listening Paper essay

In it Glover gives a humorous account of his son and his son’s friends studying for the HAS. He refers to his son as ‘Bat Boy’ and his wife as ‘Coast’.

Before you hear the recording you will have two minutes to read the questions printed in this paper. As you are listening to the recording, follow the questions. You may write notes if you wish in the Candidate’s Notes spaces provided on pages 2-4. Anything you write in the Candidate’s Notes spaces will NOT be marked. You will hear the recording, then the questions will be read aloud.You will hear the recording a SECOND time, and then you will be given time to write the answers. You now have two minutes to read the questions.

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Marks Question 1 (1 mark) What is the purpose of this radio show? CANDIDATE’S NOTES: These notes will NOT be marked. Question 2 (2 marks) Explain how ONE feature of the introduction engages the listeners. 2 Question 3 (1 mark) What does Glover mean by the word ‘procrastination? That corresponds to the best answer.

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