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In Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevens creates a diverse group of people, all with individual characteristics and backgrounds. A few of the more important characters in the book are Jim Hawkins, Doctor Livesey, Squire Trewlaney, Captain Smollet,Long John Silver, Ben Gun, and Billy Bones. Jim Hawkins, who is also the narrator of the book, is a young boy who discovers a treasure map in the chest pocket of deceased Billy Bones, and accompanies the Doctor and Squire on the Treasure Island voyage. Billy Bones was a strange former sea going pirate who lives in the inn that Jim Hawkins’s parents own. He dies in the beginning of the book (the same week as Jim’s bed ridden father) after receiving the “black spot.

” Jim’s father’s doctor, Doctor Livesey, is the first Jim and his mother go to after escaping from their inn with the map after a group of pirates brake into it searching for Billy Bones, he and Squire Trelawney are the leaders in the treasure Island.Squire Trelawney is a wealthy associate of the doctor. He is the next person to get the news of the map and he quickly arranges for their ship and crew.Captain Smollet is the captain on the ships voyage and is wounded after the fighting brakes out between Long John Silver’s Men and The remaining men under his command.The ship’s one legged cook, Long John Silver, was a former pirate under the command of Captain Flint and goes on the voyage with a crew of former co-sea men to try and steal the treasure that was left by their former captain.Treasure Island begins in the sea side inn, the Admiral Benbow, of Jim Hawkins and his parents. One day a strange former sea faring man comes the inn and ends up staying there for the rest of his life.

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He comes with only a mysterious old trunk. Immediately following the death of Jim’s father the strange man is given the “black spot” (which is never exactly explained in the book) by an odd visitor. Soon after his visitor departs the man dies. Jim and his mother go to village for help, but no one will return with them to help, so they go back alone. Back at the inn Jim finds the key to the man’s trunk ona chain on his neck and a strange piece of paper in his pocket.

He and his mother go upstairs to open the man’s trunk and just find lots of money. However his mother refuses to take any more than she deserves and ends not taking any because they a forced to flea from the house due to the sound of a group of people approaching the house in search of Billy Bones. While listening to the men from a distance Jim finds out the man’s name is Billy Bones. He and his mother rush off to find doctor Livesey, Jim’s father’s doctor for help. Upon presenting the map to him, the doctor immediately calls upon a close friend of his Squire Trelawney. Excited about the map they decide to go on a voyage to get the treasure using the incredibly detailed map.

The Squire goes to find a ship and crew and the doctor goes else where on business.The Squire gets a large nice ship for the voyage and captain. Then he finds a one legged ex-sea faring man who wants to be ships cook. Long John Sliver helps the Squire find the rest of their crew.The voyage sets out for the island very smoothly and successfully. Nothing goes wrong and the crew complies with every order.

Then one night as they were approaching the island Jim overheard Long John Silver talking to another member of the crew. He told the other member about his adventures with the Captain Flint, the dreaded pirate. Jim then learned that the crew, excluding a small handful of people chosen by the squire and the Captain Smollet, were former members of Captain Flint’s crew and the treasure was his.

They were be lend by Long John Silver to steal the treasure back for themselves.Jim wastes no time informing the Captain, Squire and Doctor of what he has heard. They quickly locate the remaining “trusted one.” And devise a plan. The next morning most of the crew including Jim go ashore to explore the island before they begin their treasure hunt.

While on the island Jim witnesses Long John Silver kill the first person on the island. After this.

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