1. among them. They also meet Captain

1. Jim Hawkins, a young boy working at an inn with his parents, meets an old sailor called “the Captain”.The Captain pays Jim to watch out for seafaring men and one shows up in the next few days. The Captain has a stroke and tells Jim of his sea chest in his room. The seafaring man comes to visit the captain and he has another stoke and dies.

At this Jim and his mother opened his sea chest to find a map of an Island.Dr. Livesey, the local doctor, and the district squire plan on buying a ship and finding the treasure. Long John Silver, a Bristol tavern-keeper whom he has hired as ship’s cook seems like the best sailor among them. They also meet Captain Smollett, who tells them that he does not like the crew or the voyage but after taking a few precautions, they set sail for the distant island.

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Just before the island is sighted, Jim overhears Silver talking with two other crewmen and realizes that he and most of the others are pirates and have planned a mutiny. Jim tells the captain, Trelawney, and Livesey of the mutiny and plans are made to fight them off.The captain finds a fortress on the beach and decides it will be the best place to fight off the mutineers.

Jim, in his exploring of the island, finds a man who was marooned three years before Jim arrived. His name was Ben Gunn and he agreed to help fight the mutineers.Jim decides to take over the ship and anchor it where the mutineers can’t find it. He is captured by the mutineers who go in search of the treasure. They find it has already been dug up and then the captain and Ben Gunn show up and kill the remaining mutineers. Long John Silver has agreed to be taken back to England. They then load the treasure on the ship and sail back.

2. I found the book to be very enjoyable. It excited every one of my senses with adventure, excitement, action and pirates. It kept my attention with the story and I couldn’t stop reading till I knew what happened at the end.The author used description and dialect to help me put myself in the story itself.

The book was one of my favorites and I hope to find more like it.3. In the story Treasure Island there is one theme that is used throughout the entire story. The story has no real message but rather is an adventure story that simply tells an adventure.

It uses action in nearly every instance possible. The main story is a quest for treasure and that line is kept for the entire story. Another element used is conflict which can be found on nearly every page. Conflict occurs between two men or man and nature and even a man with himself. Conflict also occurred between two men on the same side.

The Captain has made a statement that he does.

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