Danny Ross has been jealous of Richie

Danny Walker is a 12 year old boy who loves basketball. When he goes to try out for the travel team he is cut because he is the shortest player. This team was so important to him because of his dad.

When his dad was 12, his travel team won the championship and that is what Danny wanted to do. Then, his dad comes home with a brilliant idea to create their very own team open to anyone that is 12. Richie (Danny's dad) asks all of the other team’s coaches and they approved to have another team. Mr.

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Ross has been jealous of Richie ever since his team won the championship. Of course Richie makes his team of the people that got cut or that didn't try out because they knew they wouldn't make it. During one of their scrimmages against Ty's team, Teddy Moran elbowed Danny in the ribs twice really hard. Danny decided to trip him to get him back but Ty fell over him and broke his shooting arm. Colby Danes (a girl on the 7th grade team) practiced with Danny's team and is now on their team.

She is supposedly the best player on their team. At the end of one of Danny's practices his mom shows up. She talked to his dad about his drinking and driving. Danny's dad is a horrible drunk. Their first game of the season they lost 39-38 Kirkland.

Soon came Christmas and Danny got his mom a beautiful silver charm bracelet with a basketball charm. Danny got a brand new laptop, a pair of LeBron James Nikes and a bunch of new school clothes. Richie got Danny a.

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