“Travel torment,labor,striveand journey. People travel for many

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” Gustave FlaubertTravelling is one of the most interesting activities that someone can do, and which is also done by thousands of people around the world.

Travelling is merely known as the movement in between people and different geographical locations all around the world. Travelling can be done by using different modes such as trains, boats, ships, buses, airplanes, foot, bicycles etc… And this wonderful activity of travelling sometimes might include teeny weeny stays between the locations. The word “travel” was originated from the old French word “travail”, which means “work”.

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But it also says that the word “travel” comes from middle English “travailen” and “travelen”, and those words has the meaning of torment,labor,striveand journey. People travel for many reasons, some people travel in order to gather information for research purposes, some people travel for volunteer charity work, some travel on the purpose of religious pilgrimages and mission trips, but highest percentage of people travel around to spend the vacations with their loved ones in order to walk away from their ordinary and busy life styles. Travelling is an activity enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age, race, religion and gender. For some people travelling is an opportunity to get a leave from their everyday working lives. But many people consider that travelling is the best way to enjoy, have fun and try new and exciting explorations.

The main advantage of travelling is that it helps us to experience new things, and to open up our minds to the entire outside world. Travelling also creates an opportunity to meet different people with different rituals, norms and different mind sets from different parts of the world. When people travel from one country to another, and may be from one city to another city, they can observe that those different locations have their own unique categories of food, celebrations, festivals and unique outfits. Getting the chance to experience these different cultures in also an interesting part of travelling. Some people go on travelling as a hobby, where they get their backpack and walk away wherever they want.

The people who travel gets the chance to experience new rules and regulations, new laws and different climates of different locations. Experiencing new traditions , and getting to move on with different people and getting to learn about world geography and getting to learn different languages and accents and getting the chance to taste different foods are the most vibrant benefits of travelling.Travelling outside the native country is a delightful opportunity to observe the beauty of nature with beautiful mountains, colorful beaches and many more world famous destinations. Different people have different preferences or moods when it comes to travelling. Some people prefer to travel on to destinations with beautiful beaches and rivers while some people are interested in travelling to destinations with adventurous mountains and hiking. And there is this special category of people who are interested in travelling for shopping to countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. And there is another set of people who would like to visit places with historical backgrounds that is to Egypt world renowned for pyramids or the Coliseum in Rome.


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