Transport Coventry on a student budget may seem

Transport in Coventry Feature ArticleGetting around Coventry on astudent budget may seem like a challenge but managing your money moreeffectively can make this a lot easier. Whether travelling by car, bus or cycling,with these simple guide, knowing which type of transport to use that is thecheapest and most efficient may seem a lot simpler.Uber is becoming increasingly popularwith students, however customers using Uber taxis in Coventry could be puttingthemselves at risk because cabs can pick up fares despite not being licensed tooperate in the city, thus meaning that an accident could potentially leavepassengers uninsured. For students this may not be the most affordable option,instead it is more of a luxury or more useful for late night excursions as away to stay safe, however, travelling by Uber or by car is not beyond the meansof some students.Travelling by car seems like thebest option for comfort, convenience and cost, especially as supermarketsincluding Sainsbury’s and Asda have slashed the price of unleaded petrol by upto 2 pence per litre across its forecourts in the United Kingdom.

Although theprice of unleaded petrol is decreasing, from January 2018 the cost of regulatedrail fares are set to increase by 3.6% which is likely to adversely affectstudents commuting by train. Despite the fact that the cost of petrol hasslightly decreased, the cost of car insurance, MOTs as well as road tax makesthis option seemingly less affordable for students on a budget, unlike buseswhich are much cheaper.

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No paying upfront

Using a student buss pass is acheap alternative to paying each time that you need to use the bus. Purchasinga NationalExpress Student Bus Pass can reduce the cost of unlimited bus travel to undera £1 a day. So, for 3 terms the cost will be £299.

00. From both Coventry rail station andthe city centre, the 12X bus runs to the University of Warwick throughout ofterm time up to every 15 minutes in the day. If on a night out with friends,worrying about getting home will not be an issue because buses run pastmidnight Monday to Saturday and late on Sundays too in Coventry and LeamingtonSpa. Some buses have free WiFi on board, allowing students to stay connectedwhilst they are on the move.

Purchasing a Student West Midlands Bus Pass means thatunlimited bus travel around Coventry, Birmingham and the Black Country, on allof the buses, all day, can be reduced to under £8.00 a week. So if you fancy atrip to Birmingham, jump on the Platinum 900 from Pool Meadow bus station.

Betteryet, real time information on when your bus is due to arrive is available when usingthe mobile application, so before heading to university, you are able to spend thoseextra few minutes in bed.Some areas in Coventry, such asFoleshill are highly congested, so whether travelling by bus or car, leavingyour house or accommodation early enough to allow time for traffic delays andtraffic build ups is important. Planning your journey ahead will also help avoidbeing late to lectures and seminars, so travelling earlier in the morning orlater in the afternoon and evening will ensure that peak time rush hours areavoided. Using buses may not always be necessary, especially when the journeyis relatively short, which means that cycling and walking can be extremelycost-effective as well as efficient alternatives.

Cycling in Coventry is quite easybecause there are lots of streets and footpaths that are considered to beshared spaces and advised cycle routes that allow cyclists to travel in and outof the city. Unlike walking, which in Coventry seems like a difficult task,specifically, in the City Centre, where dangerous underpasses underneath theRing Road make it difficult for walkers wanting to get to and from theiraccommodation safely and without the threat of the constant stream of vehicles,thus suggesting that Coventry is not a walker friendly town.


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