Transformative or paradigm shift that makes difference among

Transformative learning is a study or way by which an individual or adult learners create their own ideas by implementing new plans in a meaningful way.It makes involvement in the field of questioning and assumption ,the different point of views in the way we see and also verifies reasoning values.In other words it is just a self reflection of an individuals thinking as the learning system has been changing consequently the educators or the teacher unable to cope up with the traditional learnings.So the educators has been working to reconceptualize their traditional educational concepts with new ideas of Jack Mezirow’s transformative learning that deal’s with the pattern or paradigm shift that makes difference among adult learners and educators The practice of this learning inovates the adult learners to bring innovation in thinking which improves and create new life style among individuals and it also deals with the basic concept of duck illusion and ambiguous imaging to differentiate the views of learning and also to visualise the ten basic concepts of learning.


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