Essay I’m guessing. During the Civil War, Sp

Essay title: Transformation of Helen in the Miracle Worker

Italicizewho is “they”?Gibson, The Miracle Worker. In the play, at the begining, they discribe how the parents (Kate Keller and Captain Arthur Keller) found out about Helen's disabilities (blindness Who is “we”? omit commaand deafness). And we will map out to near the end of the book, and see the amazing sp diffrence between just a few weeks of work from Anne Sullivan.

The play takes place in fragment fragmentTuscumbia, Alabama. Sometime in the late 1800's I'm guessing. During the Civil War, Sp run-oncommarun-onthats just a guess, because the Kellers had slaves and it was in the 1800's, also James and Captain Keller were talking about battles. They were talking about them as if the war spwasn't over so that led me to beleive that it was during the Civil War. What does all this nonsense have to do with your theme?! Caps/no first personone wordIn act one, we see the loss of Helen's eye sight and hearing when she is in the crib. The doctor had just finished a few tests and told Cpt.

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and Mrs. Keller that their daughter was going to live. Cpt. Keller had stepped outside to talk with the Doctor when he heard Run-onKate scream, Cpt. Keller ran into the room where Kate and Helen were.

Kate let out No comma commaanother loud scream, as Cpt. Keller asked what was going on. She replied saying "She who? Who?Run-oncan't see. She can't see!" She then stated that she couldn't hear either, she noticed this comma spbecause when Kate screamed Helen didn't seem to react to it at all. Lets step back for a run-oncomma/who is “it”?second, as the Doctor and Cpt. Keller are stepping out of the room it said: "But throughout, their voices have been dying out of focus, and the image of Kate's face has begun to swim. Music steals in; we hear the music without distortion, but light and sound otherwise are failing. Kate's serene face smiles down with love, blurring in a halo of light, then is a spot, then is gone.

Darkness."fragment sp fragmentWhich depicts when Helen started to go blind and deaf. Folows is Kate screaming while fragmentthe Doctor and Cpt.

Keller are talking. And then continues later, about six years later. Kate and Aunt Ev are trying to convince Cpt. Keller to write a doctor. He refuses at first omit fragmentbut finaly does it. This leads to a line of letters from that doctor, to another.

And so on till fragment spanit reaches, Dr. Anagnos. Who assigns Anne Sullivan who had just comeout of a operation .

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