Traditionally in some duties assigned to them

Traditionallyinternships have been a western concept, but it has spread across the world andhas a role to play in student’s life.

Statistics say that in 2016, the amounthas gradually increased as twice than in 20th century. It is a formof work-based learning where academic knowledge is applied into organization. Duringan internship, college students observe, learn and take responsibilities byactively participating in some duties assigned to them and eventually itsupports the company’s business endeavors. In simple words, internship act as aconnection between academic learning and actual workplace operations. Both theorganizations and students get mutually benefited.Studentsof various fields take internship programs as a part of their academics.

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Manycolleges and teachers guide the interns and support the students in getting aright company for their internships.Nowadays due to technological advancementsand growing organizations, there is lot of opportunitiesfor the students tofind relevant companies for pursuing their internships. It gives the students awholesome experience by making them updated on current workplace businessoperations. There are number of websites available for the students to makesearch for their internships.

Oneof the leading magazines has published that “Internshala” has been the most preferred online portal forinternship search for students in India.In a survey conducted by Internshala, it was found that there was1700 internship positions in 2011 and the number has increased to2.65 lakhs in2016. It shows the tremendous growth pattern in companies offering internshipopportunities to students.

 Companies can uplift student’scareer:Withgrowing number of organizations and startups hire interns, students have avariety of choices to choose their career. Internshipsact as an experimentallearning and hands on experience for the students other than knowledge frombooks alone. Sometimes, stipend is paid in order to motivate and appreciate theintern’s work.Since most of the colleges allows their students to work duringthe summer holidays, this makes the students to spend a meaningful time at thecompany, to know about their operations and a chance to apply thestudiedtheoretical conceptsinto practice.

Managementis a vast field of marketing, sales, operations, HR and finance and it is themost happening sector with many internships. An organization comprises of about48% of management students as their staff. Engineering graduates and also fewother sectors like food, media and others form the rest of 52%.Mostorganizations face the problem of getting efficient and smartworkforce.  So, Internships facilitate as a tool to solvethis problem and it also reduces the requirement of innumerous training andworkshops that costs the company.Manycompanies provide Pre-Placement Offers (PPO’s) to thebest interns when theyfinish their graduation. This is mutually effective strategy for the company toget best out of the fresh talent pool and the student gets placed to a placewhere they have already experienced how it feels like to work there.

Nowadays,being competitive is a very big boon for the company’s economy. Thereare online websites that are very much useful for students to search for internships with their preferences.Some of such websites are: Internshala, Twenty19, Letsintern, etc.Internship – Definitely has a rolein career development:Millennialsare eager about opportunities and are open to stepping out of their comfortzones to experience new situations to learn, to handle and to gain the feel ofhaving a sense of accountability. For this they require internships where aproper mentor and coach can guide them throughout their tenure. It aids thecollege students to adapt better to the work culture.

These days people want tostart new enterprise, internship experience helps the students to start theirown company and their career. Internships play a major role in developing thecareer of students. Many organizations value the student’s hard work in termsof stipend.

This also is an experience that makes the student to adapt theculture of getting compensated for performing a Job role as an Intern.Internshipshave a very strong impact in building successful career for college studentsfrom varied backgrounds and education, which acts as an experimental form oflearning. I being a student who have interned in few places realized itsimportance and value which inspired me to write this article.


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