Traditionally, as Mathis and Jackson (2006), define selection

Traditionally, it was assumed that organizations could choose amongst applicants and that they would accept all job offers.

However, attracting a large number of applicants was not the problem, but recruiting the right applicants became the main concern amongst employers (Branine, 2008). Selection is the process of choosing the appropriate candidate which matches the candidate skills and the job requirements (Bhattacharyya, 2010). By Mondy (2010) extra explained that Selection refers to as “the process of choosing from a group of applicants those individuals best suits for a particular position in the organization”. Whereas, recruitment process attracts and encourage gathering the suitable applicant for vacant position in and organization and selection process is to identify and employ the best qualified and suitable individual out from the applicants for the vacant post.Amos et al. (2004), as well as Mathis and Jackson (2006), define selection as the process of selecting the most suitable applicants. The process, according to them, is guided by predetermined selection criteria such as job descriptions, job specifications and job profiling and commences after the recruitment process has been completed.

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Further Robbins et al. (2001), point out that the objective of the selection process is to match the applicants? ability, knowledge, skills and experience with job requirements in a fair and legal manner. As per the above definition and states that been done from selection of the human resource for the organization is a critical process where it adds value to the organization as well when it selects most appropriate value to the organization. Also this leads towards competitive advantage of the organization as well.


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