Tradition Is The Transmission Of Customs Or Beliefs essay

Traditions within schools and communities are factors in which make people feel (locked in a prison). However this isn’t always the case for many others. In our lives, our parents are our main influence and are the people whom we look up to. Through their experiences and their understanding of life they lovingly share their knowledge and traditions with their children. Sharing traditions with our family members give us a sense of self and it feeds and cares for our feeling of belonging. Parents provide guidance, control our expectations and feed and care for our personal talents.

Traditions practiced within the family unit act to form strong bonds and provide the sense of right and wrong for behavior. In Ann. Do’s case we are shown that he was not confined by his family and cultural traditions as a Vietnamese person (who enters a country) but instead, he was enriched with happiness and was given many opportunities by his parents (even though there is the existence of) their (the social level people are at based on how much money they have). His parents taught him that he can do whatever he desires as long as he works hard for it and that he enjoys his life.

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Within schools, there are also traditions in which many people go along with in order to belong within a group of friends. It is only (how humans are) for people to have the want to be included within a group. Traditions have certain expectations. Within schools they act as a policy and a guide for students to follow in order to gain a sense of self. They are the stepping stones for gaining popularity among schools and your peers. Throughout most schools, wearing the correct uniform is one of the most important traditions.

For Ann. Do, due to his (the social level people are at eased on how much money they have), he was forced to wear the same old blazer where the sleeves had to be extended. The extended part of the blazer had two shades of blue that were clearly visible to his peers. He felt ashamed every time he walked around his school as many of the students and teachers would quick look at him . Even though he was strong-minded and had a good family relationship, he still felt like he was (locked in a prison) for wearing his school clothes in such a way.

Throughout communities, there are many people who sometimes hate of others religion traditions. Newspapers, web ties, and TV are one of the most powerful tools in changing the way people think as towards how we should look and how we should act upon certain things. For example, in (community of people/all good people in the world) many people hate Muslim women who wear the hajji. For some of these women they feel confined by their tradition in the fact that people negatively judge them for wearing a hajji. But for many others, it is the other way around as they place their faith and their beliefs over how people perceive them.

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