Tough in any situation of our life,

Tough times are a part of our lives, it’s never smooth sailing for anyone, and with tough times comes in splurge of emotions. If we notice our behavioral patterns we will see that we show more emotions when we are going through tough times in life, we react more and we don’t have control towards our emotions compared to when life is smooth sailing for us. Our emotions and feelings depends on the way we perceive our thoughts, situations and the world.

There are two end points, one being how the things are which are factual and the other end being how the things should be which are our expectations and  the distance between these two points decide on our attitude. Like any two polarities these two also never meet, cause whatever come we will always have a little higher expectation to that. It is very important to be grateful in any situation of our life, when we approach life with a grateful mind we create a complete different perspective to life. When we turn on our thoughts of worry, anxiety into the thoughts of gratefulness we will see that we will have smoother approach to deal with our hard times and with our own thoughts of gratefulness we will help to reduce the intensity of our problems.We always have a choice of being gloomy and complaining about everything in life or being grateful for whatever we have an attract abundance.

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When we keep complaining in life we attract a lot of negativity in our life, but at the same time when we take life cheerfully, ready to face any situation, being grateful to whatever is coming up our way we attract abundance in our life. We always feel that tough times never pass and smooth times never stay, it is all because of how we perceive, when we start looking at life from a broader perspective we will understand that everything that comes our way is a part of our learning.If we look back at our life and remember any instance which was tough on us, we will see that when it ended it gave some learning to us and through it we could rise to a better person.Being Grateful in the tough times is not very easy,  Gratitude allows the goodness to magnify but its not easy to have an attitude of gratitude in the tough times of life, but when we understand the greater good for us and adapt the attitude we will understand the power of Gratitude.

 The attitude of gratitude allows back to bounce back from any situation in life. It gives you the power to move ahead and never give up. Everything comes to you as a blessing.


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