Touch while constantly moving back and forth.

Touch football Touch football is a sport that consists of having six players on the field per team. It involves great amounts of participation and inclusiveness for everyone as it is a fast and non-stop running game. It is a sport where skills are developed easily with practice and after playing the game over and over. It is fluently run if the people playing can work well as a team and play accurately while constantly moving back and forth.

There are only three positions in touch football that include centers, links and wings. Each position uses different energy systems which is what I will be covering in this report along with important fitness training and fitness components, I will be looking at the Centre and wing positions.Fitness components and testingFitness plays an important role in touch football as the game is non-stop running the ball up the field to try to score a touchdown on offence and on defense getting back quickly on side after making a touch.

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The fitness components that play a role in touch football include aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination


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