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A Case Study on Top Star Bakery Management 12 – G Group 1 Eases, Earl Adrian C. Buenaventura, Gill J. Dinners, Aggregate Mae P. Cue, Christine Y. Reformation, Ma. Nathalie D. Rabat, Divine Mari A.

March 21, 2014 l. Central problem. How will Many Battista be able to control the labor costs and introduce his proposed scheme to the workers in a way that minimizes resistance from the workers? II. Alternative Courses of Action (CA) 1 . Perform a regular assessment on the workers and fire the least effective personnel. 2. Implement a manning system and a stricter management. 3.

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Implement a piecework rate system, set quota for each employee, and give incentives and rewards, as motivation, for any excess in quota. *Notes: 1 Each alternative course of action implies that action of abolishing the previous overtime-sharing scheme and suggests no overtime at all. 2 The manning system is the process of assigning specific schedules for each worker. If they choose to take a certain day off, an employee should work on the paperwork needed for an exchange of schedule with another employee. Ill. Advantages and Disadvantage of Each Alternative Course of Action personnel.Diva montages: A regular assessment can provide better control on each employee’s job based on the results of the assessment.

Workers will feel motivated to perform better to avoid getting suspended or fired. Firing the least effective personnel gives the chance to get rid Of workers who do not work and contribute to the bakery’s productivity. Disadvantages: A regular assessment takes time, effort, and money. Workers would work harder during assessment time only and would not exert much effort on days when assessment is not done.Firing employees may trigger the workers to form a union because they may feel offended that heir relatives who work in the same bakery were fired. Advantages: The bakery would be able to control direct labor costs effectively because production per day is measured. The manning system indicates lesser absenteeism. The production of the bakery would be more effective and more efficient due to the stricter management on the workers.

Workers may feel micromanaged and become unmotivated to work due to strictness of the management.Workers may feel offended as if the higher- ups think of them as incapable workers for the reason that the management is very strict. Incentives and rewards, as motivation, for any excess in quota.

Advantages: The pay would be fair because it depends on the rate Of production Of each worker. There would be higher productivity because they are motivated to work more and exceed their given quota. The workers’ motivation would increase the output of the industry, thus the bakery would be able to meet their demands due to this higher productivity.There would be incurred of expenses for the rewards and incentives in any excess of the given quota. Some workers may just not agree with the implementation because they want the overtime-sharing scheme and may to be interested in any kind of reward or incentive.

Lb. Recommendation Having a regular assessment and firing the least effective workers may be able to control the labor costs. This way, the bakery will have motivated workers and those who don’t contribute any help in the baker’s productivity will be fired.But the assurance of the workers’ motivation is limited only during assessment time. Also, firing employees, who are practically related to each other, may trigger them to form unions.

Implementing a manning system and a stricter management, and implementing piecework system with iota both gives the assurance on the good production of the bakery and gives control on the direct labor costs. Manning system plus stricter management indicates lesser absenteeism and good production due to stricter management.But the threat of unionization still stands because stricter management may be understood by the employees as something that needs to be given to incapable workers. The piecework rate system, quota system, and reward system altogether gives a fair judgment on pay, higher productivity, and assurance on meeting the demands.

Even though there would be incurred of expenses and a few workers may disagree to NY change in the system, this course of action has a high chance of eliminating the threat of unionization because the management is paying them fairly because the pay depends on the rate of production.

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