Top Your Activity and How To SurviveGoogle

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Google Tracking Latest Tricks 2018 :- Hello Friends, If you are using an Internet connection, you can use Google’s search results for Google’s search results.

Are you sure that Google tracks your activity? Yes Guys Google Can Make Money By Tracing.Let’s know how Google does spying you and how to survives it.Top 5 Ways to Avoid Google Tracking Latest Tricks 2018 Google makes your online work easy, but it also easily tracks your location and activity.Your every activity is spied on the internet and the digital world. Every activity is tracked and Google Also monitors you like a spy.

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Top 5 Tips to Make Money From Facebook Latest 2017Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks Latest 2018Google not only tracks your activity but also stores your data. Actually, Google do this because he can find more of your interest by showing you the special advertisement of your choice by locating your choice.How Google Does Trace Your Activity and How To SurviveGoogle uses your search, voice search, location tips to Traces you and If I say that Google knows about you and all your roles then it will not be wrong Here I am telling you some tips that can save you from being tracked by Google.TIPS-1- AVOID FROM LOCATION TRACKING By taking technology we sometimes forget our privacy and do hit the credit card, bank account details online.For this reason many times we have problems and our loss is also done.Google tries to track your every location. If you want Google or anyone don’t trace your location then you have to avoid location tracking.

For this you can go to your Smartphone settings and go to Privacy and Safety Option.Here You can get the option of Location and you need to OFF it.After doing this, Google will not be able to track your location.TIPS-2- DELETE VOICE AND WEB RECORDS In Internet Browser When we try to login our Gmail Account then google can save our history in her database. You need to delete it time to time.

So to avoid it you need to go on the My Activity History page Here you will see the history of the long list and delete it.   Also go to the Specialty Audio Page Here you will find all the voice command details so far. So The best way to stop your voice and web recording is to disable this feature and delete all these files. You can delete any recording by clicking on the 3 dots menu.TIPS-3- DON’T USE VOICE SEARCHAs I mentioned above, Google also records your voice search. So if you don’t want that google can record your voice then you can avoid voice searching or use it for very short time.

 If you have to do the voice searching then do not search any personal information with Google or your security so that the security of your data remains intact.Top 5 Best Free Android Tricks Latest 2018How To Crack Phone Password or PatternTIPS-4- USE SAFE BROWSINGIf you do not want that Google track what you search, you should use Safe Browsing. For This You need to open a web browser like chrome or Firefox  then press CTRL+Shift+N then you can easily use Safe Browsing. After Doing this Google Can’t trace your history, personal information, cookies etc.Safe browsing is also get better safety for Internet banking, mobile recharge, bill payment, Online shopping, money transfer and bank related works.

If you are having more problems with Google Ads, then you can use Ad Blocker in your web browser.TIPS-5- Don’t SHARE PERSONAL DETAILSFriends Never Search Your Personal Details on Google Because Many Times User Search their credit card number, ATM Pin, Bank account number, Pin, Password and other important data in Google Search and Also the users can send her personal details via Gmail. After doing this  Google tracks it and stores it to her database forever. Why Bitcoin Price Rising So Fast in 2017-18 How To Find Your Lost Android Smartphone Latest Trick 2018Xiaomi Redmi 5A Review | Display | Camera | Battery | All FeaturesAgain I tell you Never accidentally search all this information in Google. Use Google Search to Fulfill and always keep in mind that what you are searching in Google and Also do not search incorrect information anytime in Google.By adopting these methods, you can save yourself from being tracked by Google So Friends This is ‘Top 5 Ways to Avoid Google Tracking Latest Tricks 2018’ If you enjoyed this post, then you must share it with your friends on social media.Thanks For Reading This Post…!! 


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