Tony, hours to complete a critical task.

Tony, an information examiner for a noteworthy gambling club, is working after ordinary business hours to complete a critical task. He understands that he is missing information that had been sent to his associate Robert.Tony had incidentally watched Robert composing his secret key a few days back and chooses to sign into Robert’s PC and resend the information to himself. After doing as such, Tony sees an open email in regards to betting wagers Robert put in the course of the most recent a few days with a neighborhood sports book. All representatives of the clubhouse are illegal to take part in betting exercises to stay away from any trace of irreconcilable circumstance.

Tony knows he should report this however would need to confess to disregarding the organization’s data innovation directions by signing into Robert’s PC. In the event that he cautions Robert to stop his wagering, he would likewise need to uncover the wellspring of his data. What does Tony do in this circumstance?

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