Essay use the seven pillars. One final strength

Essay title: Tom Elliff – Reaction

This book was written with everyone in mind. It was especially written for those who have been in rebellion to God and His principles. It is a book written for those who have hope for their families. In his introduction, Mr. Elliff gives some tips on how to read his book and how to best incorporate the seven pillars into everyday life.

Once engaged, these seven pillars can become easy to incorporate into everyday life. I was thoroughly impressed with the writing and the readability of this book. At the beginning I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to read and understand the concepts that he presented in the seven pillars. I must say that I was somewhat surprised at the seven pillars that he used. He used a variety of several different things to build his seven pillars. Even though different they all work together to build a kingdom family. This book, in my opinion, had many strengths and a few weaknesses.

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One strength that I saw was the paragraph that he used to open every chapter. It explained what the chapter was to be about and it also gave scripture to back up his statements. Another strength that I saw was the fact that it was written well and it was easy to read. Anyone could read about the seven pillars and implement them into their life.

The concepts that he presented in the seven pillars were ones that anyone could use in their everyday life. Another strength that I found was the overall flow of the book. He started by explaining how wrong foundations produce wrecked families. He then gave the seven pillars and then in his last chapter he concluded by noting that all families can become a kingdom family if they will use the seven pillars. One final strength that I found was the fact that a pastor had written this. Since he is a pastor and counselor he has used the things that he has written about. He has first hand experience with the seven pillars.

He knows what works and what doesn’t. He is experienced in the things in his book. One weakness that I noted was that in certain chapters I felt that he tended to jump around. There were a few places in which I had a hard time following what he was trying to say. Something else that I noticed is that he didn’t go into a great amount of detail concerning the seven pillars. I was expecting him to go into more depth than he actually did.

Overall I believe that there were plenty more strengths than.

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