Today’s important role at that time as

Today’s businesses are mainly about globalization. Globalization link countries with each other. Globalization is where different countries are integrating with each other. Countries are hard to survive independently as they do not have sufficient raw materials and labour, they need to rely on each other by trading internationally.

For example, they might invest in another country for their business by setting up factory in host country as host country have cheap labour in order to increase their profit. By setting factory in another country, host country can increase the job opportunity of their nation, while the home country can earn more profit by having cheap labour. This can promote the economy of both country. Developed countries like US engaged in globalization as most of their business can be found in the rest of the world. Globalization start from many years ago, monsoon plays an important role at that time as they enable the ship to sail from one country to another country (Tripati. S, 2006).

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When businessman reached another country, they will buy and sell products in the country.


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