Today, their local product and brands into the

Today, English language is used worldwide. For the past few decades, English language is used as important and primary language in the world especially in international communication and it also has become the global language. According to Crystal (2003) on his book, he describe global language is a language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country (p. 3) and he also stated that there are two main ways in which a language can be made the official language of a country.

First is, it used as medium of communication in such domain as government, the law courts, the media, and the education system. Second, a language can be made priority in a country’s foreign language teaching, even though this language has no official status (p. 4). In relation to the future of English as global language, we can classified that English has the future and potency to become global language with easily because many people used that language in order to communicate in various domain. First, we can see in the context of business marketing which is the used of English as the main language to communicate in order to promote the product and brands.

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There are a lot of investor from various companies invest on their marketing strategy to promote their local product and brands into the world. One of the effective ways to promote their product is by advertising.Many people use English language as their language to promote their local product.

This is because English language have a symbolic function in brand and product advertising because it is the language frequently used in advertising, create a brand names and popular media. When we look back into the future of English language as global language, the language also play the main role in order to attract the buyers to buy their product and to understand with the product that they already bought. According to Crystal (1997) language can be used in various ways to fill different types of functions.

The function is the expressive function, directive or vocative function, informational function, interactional or phatic function, and poetic function. All of these function actually can be found in the advertising. In the world of advertisement, language has an important role because language is considers as one of the most important equipment in advertisement production.

Same goes to the English which is the most important language used in advertising that function as global language in world. The use of English language in business is very important in order to convey specific information or message with the intention to influence customers to buy the product. All the product that being advertised is came from various country and the communication between the consumer and the buyers are also important. This is because, fluency in English language become the most important skills in business world because consumers or investor prefer open and closing their deals with the clients in English because they want to avoid the unfair issues to non-speaking English companies who need hiring interpreters. From that, they will have a ‘clean’ business with their business partners.

Furthermore, English has become the most widely used in the world especially in the business world. As a lot of people used English in almost country in the world, English is the most preferred language in the business as many business partners today do not speak the same language. English can function as global language because it is the most suitable language in business education and communication. When people communicated with effective ways with someone, for instance business people who are able to communicate with overseas business partners and the skills and proper use of English is very important in the business because today English is widely used in communication process for example communication with International Organization such as World Bank, UNESCO, IMF and others.


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