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Today many online shoppers are highly thinking about their website pagespeed for their viewers’ growth. If your site pages doesn’t appear at light speed, your vistors doesn’t show much interest on your site.T his will drop your site clicks and bounce rate.Saying fact, it is real that a one second gap in page loading time results in lack of your vistors. For an e-commerce sites this one-second time gap will effect heavy loss in their sales.

DESINITION : The page loading time  is the average duration of a visitor spend in your site.It is calculated and shows results for every initial and final time limits. Based on seconds time, the page loading time is classified in two different parts:1.

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Network and server time: It depends upon the speed of network connection and the broadcast speed.2.Navigation Time: It is the time taken by particular web browser to scan and run the page and make it for user interaction.

OVERVIEWPage load time is the ability to directly influence user interaction and business profitability. After a user clicks on a link in your site, it indicates that how much time a page will be loaded in particular browser.T hey are many factors that affect page load time. The page’s load speed depends on the hosting server, bandwidth and web page design used, as well as the number.Every page on web may vary with different parameters like type of browser, type of platform, location and server.If your site’s static assets are made available to different data centers around the world, then your site page will be captured from the data center near the buyer’s location.

It can ultimately speed up or increases your site page load time.Due to developer decisions such as extreme design elements, more features, and more content on different pages of pages on the same site, there may be completely different loading times. There are many online tools to ensure average page load times, that means your web development team can regularly focus on your slow loading pages.HOW DOES THE PAGING LOAD TIME WORK?When a user visits your site, the timer starts and ends when the page content is displayed in the browser. The typical request-response cycle is here in the several steps that can help in decreasing page loading time1.The user enters in your url link followed by hyper link.

2. Then browser sends a request to the web server using the network.3.Web server will process the browser request.

4.Then the web server respond to the browser.5.

Now the browser starts to receive your requested page.6.Browser will analyzes, loads and represents the content of the page in real time.7.All the requested site pages are configured in the browser.

HOW PAGE LOADING SPEED IMAPACT IN ONLINE : Web sites and web services are quickly loaded at great speed for interaction and conversation. In fact, the rotating pages load faster. Here are some case studies that prove this:Google : Giant search engine having millions of vistors everyday effect a big revenue loss, if  half second of page load time increses.

Financial Times : Online news publisher has a great impact in involving page speed and customer income. They really dropped 5% for the second page load delay, and a three second delay was reduced by 7.6%.

In addition, the following website has a lower subscription recovery rate.GQ Magazine : An online magazine resulted high with decreasing bounces rate.For several months it has been decrease page loading time of 7 to 1.

5 seconds. This resulted an increase in new visitors from 6 to 11 million and also resulted in a 108% increase of ad revenue.HOW CAN I IMPROVE PAGE LOADING SPEED :There are several ways to improve this metric, but these are some of the most common:Bounce rate : Get attracted by the visitors with great content in your page.This makes visitors to spend more time in your site that causes decrease in bounce rate and ultimately increases page loading speed.

File Compression : Reducing the size of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, images and other web elements will improves your page loading speed.Reduce redirects : Whenever a web page redirects the browser to another server, the user faces some more time to complete the request and response cycle. It is better to get rid of such redirects.Images and videos :The best way to ensure faster loading time is to resize your images accordingly. If you are unsure of the size that would fit the web media, do not worry.

Almost all photo editing software has an option to save your jpg. or png. file for web use.If you have more than one image and you can combine them, combine them.

Use CSS Sprite to combine your images and help you in your positioning. This system will not only save your bandwidth but will also contribute to a faster page loading speed : Browser cache :Some times browser cache will be stored in your website data on the users device. It is very useful when a visitor comes to your website multiple times.

This will save that time because your user does not need to download web site data again.Use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) :CDN is a system that disperses your data across multiple servers based on the users geographic location, content delivery server, and origin of web page. Due to its worldwide spread, it allows your page to load faster due to reduced time intervals.CONCLUSIONWebsites that have less page load times work best on almost every front.

They provide better rank in search engines, provide more positive user experience, see more conversions and earnings.As the average page weight increases, it is now more important to focus on improving page load time and performance. I hope this new SEO topic will help you more in getting good results from your blog.I thank you for landing on this page and sure you can get good results from us.


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