Today in order to accomplish the task

Todaybusiness strategies are focusing more on the idea of dividing the main goals ofa company into small projects in order to accomplish the task in a moreeffective way.

Due to the changes, project manager’s roles are becoming veryimportant within an organization.  Projectmanagers are responsible for overseeing a project for start to finish.   For instance, a project manager will beresponsible for planning and scheduling project cost, control cost, projectdeadlines, resources and any milestones during the duration of the project (Render, Stair, & Hanna, 2017).  The assignment discusses the differentproject management techniques utilized when trying to complete a project withinan organization as well as the role of software in project management.            Project management techniquesDuringthe course of a project there are many variables that will play an importantrole and as a result utilizing the best techniques are very important for anyproject manager.   Some of the techniquesthat project managers utilize are the program evaluation and review technique(PERT) and the Critical path method (CPM).  CPM techniques can be utilized when a project managers needs toestablish timelines (Render, et, 2017).  For instance, a project manager for aconstruction company is giving a project to complete a new housing developmentwithin 9 months.

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  The utilization of CPMwill allow the project manager to create a plan on when construction can startand when it will end, taking into consideration the pre-planning face that caninclude construction permits, hiring of personnel, inspections, etc.   PERT techniques can be utilized when aproject managers is working on multiple project at the same time.  Some of these projects can be more complexand difficult as a result creating specific timelines will help the projects tobe complete successfully (Render, et, 2017).  For instance, as a project manager for a cancerresearch company you are being tasked to complete a project regarding anexpansion of the research center, building four research centers in multiplestates.   Creating a timeline will allowthe project manager to monitor the starting time for both project.

  The resources can be moved to the projectthat still need to be complete.  Overall,both techniques allow project managers to plan the best strategy that willallow for the successful completion of any project.   In addition, project managers need to planthe best course of action when given a project.  They need to develop their initial plan andmake sure that they have the resources needed to complete the project; afterresources are allocated, they need to analyze any information present to them.

 Roleof software in project management            Softwareplays an important role on project management because it is a tool that can beutilize to calculate many aspect of a project (Render,et, 2017).  For instance, as aproject manager for a construction company you can use software to keep track ofcost of different department such as the cost of the material needed for theproject, the cost of payroll and the cost of miscellaneous such as initialconstruction permits and licensing. Software can assist many organizations to keep track of differentprojects in a very effective way as a result its use will continue to increase.  Technology is an important tool that itis helping project managers in all fields. According to a study by Sunila, lobo and Jennifer Whyte on an ecologyproject-based firm on software integration use. The study concluded that the ability to utilize software to trackcomplex projects within the firm allows them to be more productive becauseproject managers can collaborate, consolidate and share information during theduration of any project (Lobo, S., Whyte, J.

2017).       Conclusion            Project managers havethe responsibility to plan and execute different projects within anorganization with the main goal of contributing to the increase ofprofitability.  Many times they facechallenges and as a result their ability to use different methods and tool suchas theprogram evaluation and review technique (PERT), the Critical path method (CPM)and software components are very important.   


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