Today, of planning, the Canadians finally conquered

Today, Canada is loved by many people from many different countries around the world.

But how did Canada grow to receive such a joyous reputation?  This reputation is based on Canada’s most defining moments. These defining moments include The Battle of Vimy Ridge, The person’s case, and The Chanak Affair.One of the most defining moments in Canadian history would have to be that of The Battle of Vimy Ridge.

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When the Vimy Ridge in France was occupied by German forces, both France and Britain had made an attempt to win back this ridge and drive the German forces out. The attempts from both these countries’ forces had failed as the Germans always seemed prepared. Though in April of 1917, four divisions of the Canadian Corps decided to work together and conquer Vimy ridge. After an extensive amount of planning, the Canadians finally conquered the highest point of Vimy ridge in a three day battle. “Canada managed to capture the ridge when other, larger powers had failed — and was celebrated internationally for it.”1 The conquering of Vimy Ridge became a defining moment in Canadian history as it proved that Canadians were very capable at being an independent nation and should not be cast in the shadow of Britain.

Canadians had accomplished what in fact, no one else could. “The Battle of Vimy Ridge was an important step ahead in the country’s march to independence.”2 To this day, the battle of Vimy ridge is still honoured and remembered by Canadians as Canada’s first step into independence. Not only do Canadians honor this day, but French people have dedicated a memorial to all of the Canadian soldiers as a token of appreciation. This goes to show that Canadians had definitely proven themselves to everyone and that their bravery and technique is still appreciated today. The conflict with women and their inequality to men has been argued for a very long time. The second most defining moment in Canadian history would be The Person’s Case.

In 1928, women were ruled “not persons” by the supreme court, as this was stated in The British North America Act. This meant that women were unable to be appointed to Senate. The Persons case, initiated by the famous five, was filed in an attempt to reverse this. The women activists that made up the famous five took the case to the privy council and won, hence giving women the ability to be appointed to Senate. “Moreover, the legal recognition of women as “persons” meant that women could no longer be denied rights based on a narrow interpretation of the law.”3 Now that women had been declared “persons”, many situations started looking up for them as their ability to vote surfaced shortly after. Had the persons case not been introduced to the court, women would not have proved that they are just as equal as men and can get what they want if they set their mind to it. Today, women are some of the most empowered people in the world and The Persons Case definitely helped Canadian women achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Following the Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge, Canada’s yearning for autonomy only grew larger and larger. Canadians were looking for a way to achieve autonomy by slowly isolating themselves from Britain, and did so during The Chanak Affair. In 1922, French and British forces occupied Chanak, Turkey. As a British Dominion, Canada was called upon to aid the British forces in a battle with Turkish forces.

Instead of agreeing, the prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie, refused to send Canadian troops as a sign that they wanted greater independence with relations to external affairs. The Chanak affair helped fuel Canada’s growing autonomy and thereby lead to the Balfour Report and the Statute of Westminster, which lead to autonomy for Canada, as well as all the British dominions. “In Canada, King’s detached attitude toward the crisis sent a message that he wanted greater independence for Canada in terms of its foreign policy.”4When it comes down to the question of why Canada is seen as such a great country to be in, these defining moments can be used as some of the endless answers that can be given. Canada’s most defining moments are that of The Battle of Vimy Ridge, The persons Case, and The Chanak Affair. These defining moments proved to people around the world that Canadians are smart, strong, and willing to work for what they truly want. Canada is a great country with a history to be proud of.


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