To: digital communication medium formed. Of these

To: Director of Communication, ABC Company From: Yashodha Premathilaka Executive PlanningDate: 17th July 2018Subject: Impact of Technology in Corporate Communication I prefer to describe how to embrace the opportunities and challenges that the technology has bought to corporate communication at the work place.Technology has become an essential part of human lifestyle, and with the ongoing advance it plays a major role in the work force. Presently people communicate through the e-mails, mobile phones, videoconference, chat room, social media channels etc.

By the 21st century many organisation and companies has been using different kind of communication channel to increase their affectivity and efficiency. There are many associated advantages and disadvantages with using technology n multinational coporation . I have conducted secondary research and this what I found to emphasis the subject of memo.Opportunities of TechnologyTechnological advancements have helped business and organization save time and cost of production.

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Also the internal communication strategy includes the organization employees can work more effectively and they can connect their work strongly.(Argenti)Traditionally, Companies have used wall poster, magazine to conduct the employees, although the impact of technology coming to the organizations various kinds of digital communication medium formed. Of these digital medium communication email has become most popular way to the communicate audience. It is quick way to transferring information and email has numerous advancements such as a cheap, easy to use.


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