To demanding college atmosphere. Sarang has performed

To Whom It May ConcernAs his former Computer Science professor, I am pleased to recommend Sarang Pande to thegraduate program at your esteemed university. I had the opportunity to teach him severalsubjects of his undergraduate course such as design and analysis of algorithms, objectoriented programming and design patterns, during which, I was able to observe hisparticipation and also evaluate his knowledge in the class.

Throughout the two years that Itaught him, he has consistently shown all the qualities necessary for success in a demandingcollege atmosphere.Sarang has performed exceptionally well in his academics and I was greatly impressed withhis presence of mind during lectures and laboratory sessions. He took on complex topics inhis assignments such as parallel programming, knapsack problems, NP-complete and NCalgorithms with tremendous ease, setting the bar very high for other students. He was one ofthe few students from our college to be selected by Persistent Systems for a research-basedproject at their Center of Excellence and to receive guidance from their mentors.Sarang has always showcased a willingness to express his thoughts.

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In situations wherestudents hesitated to speak their minds and ask questions, he had no qualms in voicing hisopinions and putting forth his ideas. He actively participated in discussions and has alwaysmade sure to gain a firm understanding of the concepts taught. I believe that thischaracteristic has helped him establish a solid foundation in logical reasoning and criticalthinking which especially helped in during his internship.Being his internship mentor, I was able to witness his ability to apply theoretical knowledgepractically.

His work at L&T Infotech, which involved mining and analyzing large financialdata and presenting important insights on the same, was so commendable that it resulted in apre-placement offer and an extension of his internship by one more month; Sarang was one ofthe first students to get placed from our college. I am extremely proud of his hardworkingnature and his ability to thrive in a competitive college environment.Doing well in his academics did not restrict his participation in extracurricular activities.Sarang has excellent communication and leadership skills, which led him to become thehospitality head of our prestigious annual event. Sarang also successfully organized otherinter-collegiate events like hackathons and seminars.

Overall, Sarang exhibits the qualities of a leader as well as a great scientist. He has thedetermination and caliber to succeed in any endeavor and he always maintains a positiveattitude. His academic and personal achievements show that he is committed to his educationand will work hard to achieve his goals.

I therefore, have no doubts that Sarang would trulybe an invaluable addition at your renowned university.Please feel free to contact me if you need any more details.


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