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Essay title: To Want to Be Accepted

In life, many people search for a meaning to live.

Some search for greatness, others just live to get by with their boring lives.In the novel, The Great Gatsby, the main character's life seems to be filled with solitude and disingenuousness, but also seems never to be accepted.Out of the many reasons people live their lives Mr. Gatsby's view on life is very meaningless and careless in the end though, the solitude, disingenuousness, and meaninglessness leads him to his own funeral. The in-depth definitions of Mr. Gatsby's solitude and disingenuousness were inevitable at his many parties.In the novel Mr. Gatsby had many parties with people he never met or even had any contact with.

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The authors writes, "I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited" (p.41).This quote explains how it was apparent to Nick that he was the onlyreal guest.

It was apparentthat Mr. Gatsby was not throwing parties for his own friends, but for complete strangers.He still seem to go out of all odds to make his parties seem exquisite. The novel, states "Mondays eight servants, including an extra gardener, toiled all day with maps and scrubbing-brushes and hammers.

.. repairing the ravages of night before" (p.39). Mr. Gatsby bought "every Friday five crates of oranges and lemon arriving from a fruiterer in New York" (p.

39).Both these quotes explain how Mr. Gatsby made sure his house was very lavish and he had enough food to please people he does not even associate with.The parties seem to define his solitude, because it would seem Mr. Gatsby had these many parties because he was alone and probably wanted company, even if it was with strangers. Even though these events defined a solitude to Mr.

Gatsby. Many people live their lives each day to be accepted; To live a life of fakeness just to be accepted in the outside world, but never accepted inside their own soul. Furthermore, Mr. Gatsby's household also showed a sign of disingenuousness.It has already been stated how Mr. Gatsby house was very lavish and posh.

He always kept it up even though he was the only one living there.Fitzgerald writes, " that huge place there…

I don't see how you livethere all alone" (p.90). This quote shows evidence to the previous statement to Mr. Gatsby's living conditions.Even though Mr. Gatsby's house was "always full of interesting people, night and day," (p.

90) and he always kept his house looking exquisite. His bedroom was known as " the simplest room of all."These statements show how even though he had interesting people in his house night and day.

He always kept the rooms that they would be in very lavish, but his own "sanctuary" is the dullest room in the house.This evidence to the past quotes show how disingenuousness Mr. Gatsby is.He only has his main house for show and that his bedroom show his real character. Lastly, through Mr. Gatsby's disingenuousness and solitude led him to his meaningless death. As.

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