To goal. We have good acres of land

ToThe Visa officer,Canadian High CommissionSub: Application for Study PermitI would like to introduce myself as an Arvinder Singh Rai. I am writing this ‘Statement of Purpose’ to express my intensions to study in Canada and to outline the reasons for choosing Canada as well as my course i.e.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Non-Medical) Degree.Personal Information And Educational BackgroundI would be placed to Study in Canada for my graduation i.e.

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Professional) related to my previous studies in one of the top universities of Canada, University Of Regina. Today my decision to pursue my graduation in Canada, is certainly because of a good helping hand and support for my parents. I basically belong to city Jagraon Ludhiana Punjab, India. My family has always been a great source of encouragement for me and I have decided to pursue graduation due to their enormous support. My Father, Sukhwant Singh, has done the graduation and he is retired Army officer then he is doing another job in MES since many years.

My Mother, Sarbjit Kaur is a Home Maker. My elder Sister, Manwinders Kaur, is a biggest inspiration for me. She has done graduation from the reputed college. She is running her own business (Interior Designer) successfully, since many years.

His successful careers always encourage me to pursue my goal. We have good acres of land and my family has adequate funds for my further studies.I completed my 10th in 2012 from Sanmati Vimal Jain Sen. Sec.

School, Jagroan, and Ludhiana which is affiliated by PSEB Board and scored 66.9%. After that I have chosen Non- Medical course and completed my 10+2 in 2014 from the PSEB Board and scored 59.5%. As my aim is to make my career in Mathematics field right from my school period so that’s why I choose non- medical course in 10+2 to make strong base for higher studies.After that I choose to do Diploma in Mechanic Diesel.

In which I secured 69.7% marks with no backlogs and in first division. I start doing IELTS and took IELTS test and got overall 6 bands in it.

Now, I wish to continue my Under-graduation studies in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of Regina.Mathematics has always been my passion and obsession since my childhood. It always occupied most of my time and I never had any ambition in my life other than being a research mathematician. I was introduced to mathematics at an age as early as two years through basic arithmetic operations.

When I grew older to enter primary school I was haunted by the questions like what is addition and what is subtraction etc. I was not at all happy with the basic school level idea of computing the sum for two given numbers. I started asking the question to myself, what is a number.

The non-rigorous nature of school level mathematics always pained me and I tried to have my own way of defining mathematical concepts for myself, which I came to know to be true later. When I was introduced to Euclidean Geometry, the book told me the conditions when two triangles are congruent. But it never told when two figures in a plane are called congruent. So I defined congruence for myself, and in the process I conceived the notions of isometry and equivalence relations. This way I always tried to rigorize the elementary mathematics. While leaving school I had developed my keen interest on number theory alsoIn the penultimate year in my high school, I also took part in several mathematics talent search examination that is widely taken by almost all school kids nowadays.

And I never achieved anything except the top grade. I also took part in several national level quiz competitions and represented my state.Throughout my student life I had also given a lot effort to extra-curricular activities also.

I have been playing violin for quite a few years from now. I have also borne the responsibility of editing a few magazines on literature and science awareness. I have been also acting in several stage performances of plays and audio-dramas from my childhood.I have also put great effort in order to teach mathematics at elementary level in a rigorous fashion.

I have been the in-charge of the mathematics cell of an organization that is involved in science awareness. Thus teaching has always been of great pleasure to me. I carried out several training camps in mathematics and many of my students performed excellently in Regional and National Mathematical Olympiads. And my background in acting has always enhanced my skill of presentation. I have also given several student seminars in my institute, which were widely appreciated. The topics of my seminar include Differential Geometry, Analytic Number Theory, Measure Theory and many more.

But learning mathematics for myself has always remained at the center of my attention.Why I choose CanadaCanada’s education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world. Canada is a peaceful, politically stable and safe country. It has internationally recognized degrees, & provides excellent health care to international students. Canada is a multicultural country & is the destination which can offer me the desired course contents at very reasonable fee structure unlike United States and other international countries where international students have to pay exorbitant fees. Moreover only Canada can provide me a peaceful and calm atmosphere to pursue my under graduation education.

Apart from this, Canada is a dynamic and vibrant country, which matches my personality.Canada is a best option as it has developed a first rate education system with high standards and global recognition. Canada is a developed English speaking country and Canadians are very friendly and hospitable people. The culture of this country is a blend of various cultures where people from different nationalities work and live. Canada is also considered very safe, peaceful and secure for international students which have enhanced its reputation as one of the top destination for international students. Canada offers a variety of education.

It promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking and Canadian qualifications are accepted worldwide for being modern, practical, and desirable. Canadian qualification enhance the job prospects quite widely in a variety of settings globally, Moreover, the cost of education in Canada is in budget of my family. Canada provides affordable tuition fee and living expenses along with a good standard of living with all facilities.

Language barrier is not an issue to foreign students as Canada is considered the world’s leader in language training. Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. Not only does Canada provide a safe, clean environment, but it has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to live in terms of quality of life by the UN.WHY BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Mathematics is highly developed yet continually growing, providing new insights and applications.

It is the medium for expressing knowledge about many physical phenomena and is concerned with patterns, systems, and structures unrestricted by any specific application, but also allows for applications across many disciplines. The basic tools of mathematics, which for the most part comprise the mathematics courses that students study in high school or at the beginning of college, rarely get anybody excited. They should be viewed as the foundations from which to move to a higher level of understanding. Then, at that point, the usage of the discipline and the range of possibilities mathematics offers become more apparent.The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education provides a strong background in mathematics while introducing undergraduate students to the field of education.

Upon completion of this degree students are prepared to enter a graduate licensure program to earn their teaching credentials.The program includes a wide array of courses meant to expand student’s mathematical content knowledge from calculus to upper level mathematics. Students also take two courses that allow them a deeper understanding of familiar mathematical topics, as well as a capstone course in which they study high school mathematics from an advanced viewpoint.

In addition, students take other courses with accompanying field experiences designed to provide them with a foundation in the educational process. During each practicum, (i.e., field experience), each student spends time in a middle or high school math classroom observing teachers, interacting with students, and learning how students think about and understand mathematics.Thus, students who earn the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education graduate with a solid understanding of mathematics and are ready to delve into preparing themselves for classroom teaching.WHY THIS PROGRAMMEThe School has a strong international reputation in pure and applied mathematics research and our PGT programmes in Mathematics offer a large range of courses ranging from pure algebra and analysis to courses on mathematical biology and fluids.

You will be taught by experts across a wide range of pure and applied mathematics and you will develop a mature understanding of fundamental theories and analytical skills applicable to many situations.You will participate in an extensive and varied seminar programme, are taught by internationally renowned lecturers and experience a wide variety of projects.Our students graduate with a varied skill set, including core professional skills, and a portfolio of substantive applied and practical work.

Career OpportunityThe demand for mathematics experts has grown exponentially in a number of careers—and so has the interest in these jobs. In fact, mathematician, actuary, and statistician jobs are among the most promising career paths based on their income levels, growth outlook, and low-stress work environments.Computer and Information Research ScientistsEconomistsFinancial AnalystsMathematiciansOperations Research AnalystsPostsecondary TeachersStatisticiansWhy I choose University of ReginaI want to pursue Higher Studies in this Great University.

The University of Regina is one of Canada’s leading comprehensive universities – a dynamic institution with a strong national and international reputation for teaching and research. The University of Regina’s B.Sc. and B.

Sc. Honors degrees in Mathematics are accredited by the Mathematics Accreditation Council (MEAC), an autonomous body established by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).The University of Regina is nationally and internationally recognized for academic and research excellence. Home to 10 faculties and 25 academic departments with programs leading to bachelors, master’s, and doctoral degrees, the University of Regina is quickly becoming the university-of-choice for students across Canada and beyond.

This is due in part to our unique perks. When you choose to study at the University of Regina, you’re getting more than an excellent education, you’re also partnering with an institution that truly cares about your success.Our campus is situated in the stunning natural landscape of Wascana Centre, one of the largest urban parks in North America. Walking paths, picturesque views, picnic tables, greenery, and birds are abundant. Our students can walk, run, paddleboard, picnic, snow shoe, and bike around Wascana whenever they want! It truly is the jewel of the city.Our students can also apply to live in the heart of it – our modern residences facilitate on campus living.

Reports show that students in residences are happier with their overall university experience, earn higher GPAs, and are more likely to finish their degree!Benefits of university of ReginaThe UR Guarantee Program is loaded with benefits. As a participant you will:Receive a customized program based primarily on your specific needs and schedule (with limited time commitment required).Gain access to relevant academic workshops, career development initiatives, student engagement activities and service and leadership opportunities.Work directly with an experienced program advisor who will assist you throughout the program.Enhance your overall university experience and become more prepared for your career after university.Participate in your own career-relevant mock interview as you prepare to stand out from the competition.

Receive one-on-one resume support.Have our guarantee of career-related employment after graduation.Well it depends what exactly you mean by good here.Pros:It has highest rate of International Students studying as compared to any other Canadian University. So you get chance to interact with people belonging to different cultures.There is lots of research being done here in all fields.

Definitely more research than any good university of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.It has low fees (not lowest though) as compared to many Canadian Universities.It is situated in a small city Regina with a population of around 200,000. (I love that part, depends on person to person some people like the hustle and bustle of big cities)There are lots of opportunities for part time jobs in the city as compared to any other city in Canada, which is really a great thing from an International Student perspective.Career Opportunity Account ManagerApplied Mathematician (various fields including: finance, health, marketing, manufacturing, mining, science)BiostatisticianBudget AnalystComputer ScientistContracts SpecialistCryptologistData AnalystEconomistFinancial AnalystInformation TechnologyInsuranceInternet ResearcherInvestment AnalystStatistician (e.

g., law, government, industry)Teacher/ProfessorFinancial Status:1. Affidavit of support from my parents are attached2. My family’s statements for the past six month showing account with value of XYZ are attached.3. One year living expensive deposited (GIC)4.

Initial One year tuition fee depositedTotal Cost of my studies: XYZLiving Cost: $10000 for 1 yearsFunds Available: XYZMy family is fully cooperative of my decision to study abroad and an Affidavit from my Parents is attached.Future PlansAfter studying under graduation from Canada I will get international exposure and education both. So I look forward to shape up my career in the halls of University of Regina. I can join MNC in India like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS and many more after gaining Canadian Degree.

My plan is to work with a well reputed organization where I can utilize my skill. In India there is a very great opportunity for mathematicians skilled persons, so International study will give me the opportunity to have cutting edge over my competitors back in India. India is growing very fast in the Science fields ; there is no end to the growth of this world, therefore, after getting bachelor’s degree from University of Regina, I will get good placement in well reputed companies & I can work on various positions like: finance, health, marketing, manufacturing, mining, science, account manager and economist.Please consider my application for the study permit of CanadaRegardsArvinder Singh Rai


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