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To slow down the population we will be able to control poverty. The incentive for the current generation should be; to improve and sustain the major institutions for example political, educational, economic, family and religion. We must have a rich offspring. We owe our offspring a level of each of the primary goods on a individual’s list, enough to sustain the maximum basic of human requirements and secure enough beyond that minimum. We need to save the necessary amount of our costly resources to guarantee enough economic and other resources for generations to come. Your opinion on the inequality described; and your explanation of why you hold this opinionIf I would look on the veil of ignorance, not knowing whether my children would have a high quality of live, or a live that is hardly worth living, would I accept the point that we must preserve our resources and the economic value they have, to reap the benefits for my children? My personal answer is yes. If not, then where will be no resources left for the generations to live a high quality life.


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