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The short story, “To Sleep Under the Stars”, written by Carol Shaw Gresham was about an average girl named Cecilia who found out one of the most important lessons in life – that blood is thicker than water. She was not aware of learning the lesson until she learned it. In the beginning of the story, Cecilia wanted to go on a field trip with her friends. But was the exact same day that her family is going to take care of her ill grandmother. The moment Cecilia’s mother discovers Cecilia wants to go on a field trip the same day they were planning to see her grandmother, she snapped at her.

Her mother yelled at the top of her lungs, her voice filled with fiery rage, telling Cecilia all the reasons why she may not go on the field trip. Cecilia stubbornly believed her field trip is more important than the visit to her grandmother. In other, words her friends and her desires come before her family. The days passed quickly until the day when she is forced to go to her grandmother’s house. She was so depressed that she didn’t feel even just a little bit happy as she rode along her favorite road that once would have put a smile on her face. When she arrived at her grandmother’s house she wiped the frown off her face and replaced it with a warming smile. She entered into her grandparent’ house and decided to start the conversation.

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After about five minutes Cecilia and her grandmother came to understand each other better than they ever had before this day. Cecilia started to forget about the trip. Cecelia.

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