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Essay title: To Reinvent or Not, That Is the Question

The question arises when one grows through life on whether or not to change themselves to fit an idea or system of preconceived customs. This essay will analysis the play “Sure Thing” to point out the theme of the play and answer the following questions: Does the play shows the need for people to keep revising their personalities, to (so to speak) keep reinventing themselves if they wish to function efficiently in the world. What does it mean to say that someone is “reinventing” himself or herself? Is that a desirable thing to do? After reading the play “Sure Thing” the question is brought whether the play was about the need for people to reinvent themselves. I would say that the play was more about the timing of relationships, the fact that the time a couple tries to get together can hinder or help a relationship.

From the play section 1 to 3 Bill is unable to convince Betty to let him sit at her table, then when the timing was right in section 4 she allowed him to sit (467). Trying to start a relationship when one of the lovers is in a bad place in their life, can easily keep a relationship from blossoming. The play also brings into fact that relationships can be superficial. In the section 9 she dismisses him when she finds out he hasn’t attended college, and it wasn’t until he lied and said he went to Harvard did she finally open up a little more (468). Which this is as true today as it was then. Relationships almost always start from someone liking the way someone looks and the way they present themselves on the outside. The play also points out the way we view the person we are in a relationship with, and the barriers we put up when starting a relationship.

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Relationships change can change the way a person acts, most men I know act differently when they are away from there significant other. From.

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