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To overcome the communication barrier, you need to assess what needs to be communicated, to whom, how, when and where? This will help you to analyse what potential barriers there will be or may be not. There will be different barriers in different situation.Listening is one of the most important factors of the communication.

Active listening is the key to overcome the barrier. To overcome verbal, nonverbal communication- smiling, eye contact, gentle tone of voice, showing interest in the discussion, nodding head and appropriate response when talking.External barriers such as environment, background noise, poor light, busy area, this can be overcome by considering where information is to be delivered and if is suitable for the purpose, if not then choose another place and time or improve the existing environment.Cultural barriers can be overcome by recognising everyone is different, the level of understanding is different and also by promoting equality and diversity.Physical barrier can be overcome by specific communication needs such as an interpreter, GP, health professionals, specific aids or training.Psychological barrier, I need to be aware of my own emotions and feelings, this can affect on my communication as these can have negative impact on communication.

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