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To Kill a Mockingbird EssayMany times people in this world are innocent but are still persecuted.

In to Kill a Mockingbird the innocent are persecuted several times which is not right. In this influential novel, race comes into factor and divides a town between racists and people that know the truth. Even though Tom Robinson, the black man on trial, was innocent he is convicted of the crime because of his skin color. The significance of the title To Kill a Mockingbird shows up in the book through the characters of Boo Radley and Tom Robinson.The title To Kill a Mockingbird significance is shown when Tom Robinson is found guilty of rape and then shot for supposedly trying to “escape.” Most people in the town of Maycomb knew he was not guilty of this crime. People knew it was wrong to convict him but they did it anyway because the blame had to fall on some ones shoulders.

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Since he was black they thought it would be easier to convict him, but it just led to more problems between people. “It ain’t right. He didn’t kill anybody even if he was guilty. He didn’t take anybody’s life.” This shows some people knew it was wrong but could not do anything about it. On the other hand some people had suspicions about what happened, but decided to look the other way. “Seventeen bullet holes in him. They did not have to shoot him that much.

” The guards at the prison put seventeen bullet holes in him which is not necessary. The killed a harmless human being, a mockingbird. Tom Robinson dying shows they killed a mockingbird, which is harmless and the significance of the title.Another person that shows the significance of the title is Boo Radley. He is never seen by anyone and when seen does not talk to anybody. He just continues to walk with his head down which makes him seem weird.

Since he seems a little awkward to many folks in Maycomb they starts all kinds of rumors about him. “Boo was sitting in the living room cutting some items.

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