“To and expectations of a happy childhood are

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is a beautiful combination of artistry and cruelty.

The story of Scout and Jem finch gives a horrific glimpse into the past to see just how cruel human beings treated one another in the 1930s. A tale of hope and child innocence soon taken away from two kids as they look at what the real world was like. Humanity was not humane. Racist thoughts and words spewed from peoples’ minds.

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Women were expected to sit around and look pretty whilst men worked. White supremacy at its finest hour. The awful tragedy of Tom Robinson, losing a court case due to the color of his skin.

Scout and Jem Finch learn the hard truth about the world and expectations of a happy childhood are lost. Anything an elementary school teacher says will mold their student’s minds to teach them how to act. Scout Finch is a first grader whose father, Atticus Finch, taught her to read by reading the newspaper to her every night. Scout’s teacher, Miss Caroline, is a new teacher at Scout’s school. After being asked by Miss Caroline to recite a line of the alphabet and doing so perfectly, the first-grade girl is scolded by her teacher for already possessing the skill of knowing how to read. Her teacher claims that she should be the only one teaching Scout, not Atticus.

“Now tell your father not to teach you anymore. It’s best to begin reading with a fresh mind. You tell him I’ll take over from here and try to undo the damage?” (23).

This quote corrupts Scout’s innocence because it will leave an imprint in the girl’s mind that tells her learning on her own is bad and she should not do it. Having an adult that is supposed to applaud reading skills of a young first grader do the exact opposite can really tear apart Scout’s pride in her skills. Miss Caroline is an example of an adult in Scout’s life that killed her innocence. The court case of Tom Robinson was one of the major focal points of the story. It also just happens to be another loss of innocence from both Scout and Jem.

Tom Robinson, a black male, was accused of raping a white man’s daughter in the 1930s. Atticus Finch played the role of both the widowed father of Scout and Jem, and an impeccable lawyer; an impeccable lawyer that was about to lose a case not because of poor defense, but because of race.


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