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In the opening chapters of "To Kill A Mockingbird," Harper Lee introduces several subtle instances of racism.However, when Jem and Scout are welcomed into Cal's Church in chapter 12, the reader really gets to travel behind the false disguise of Maycomb County's white society to see the harsh realities of the injustices suffered by the blacks.The black community is completely separate from the whites — in fact, Cal lives in a totally different part of town! Another example of total racial segregation is the fact that Jem and Scout have never been to "that part of town," so they are unfamiliar with the Church's way of singing hymns ("lining"), and they don't understand "nigger talk.

"Even Lula, one of the black church members, says, "they got their church, we got our'n."Poverty is another injustice suffered by the blacks.Their First Purchase Church is very old and worn out.The paint is cracked and peeling, it has no ceiling, there's a rough oak pulpit, and cheap cardboard fans must be used to keep the congregation cool.

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There is no piano, organ or church program in sight, and the whole church has to share one hymnbook!The graveyard contains only a few expensive headstones, with most graves merely outlined by broken glass.A further degradation occurs during the rest of the week, when the church building is used by whites for gambling. A majority of the black community is illiterate because there are no schools for blacks in Maycomb County.Their only way of learning is from their parents or another elder.

For example, Mrs. Buford taught Cal, and Cal taught her son, Zeebo.Consequently, only four blacks in the whole church can read.In Tom Robinson case, he has virtually no chance of winning strictly.

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