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To Kill a Mockingbird Questions First section:What events shape Scout’s maturation? The first day of school helps Scout deal with having a teacher she really does not like. She also helped the teacher to learn Maycomb’s ways and people. “You’re shamin’ him Miss Caroline he hasn’t got a quarter to bring” Scout (26). Scout went “walking” with Dill and Jem (in Maycomb no one just walks), and eventually figured out that it was Jem and Dill’s plot to get inside the Radley house and decided to go with them. This helped Scout learn to be brave and face up to what she is scared about, and of course helps her mature. “With that, I had no option but to join them” Scout (56).

When Aunt Alexandra came to stay, she provoked Scout to loathe her even more; She wanted scout to be more like a lady. That was intolerable to Scout but she manages to stick it out and deal with her aunt. “Aunt Alexandra was positively irritable” Scout (130). The court battle taught Scout that even when there is insurmountable evidence the whites win over blacks. That was hard to deal with because in court everyone is supposed to have equal rights, with no prejudice held against them. “I ain’t ever seen any jury decide in favor of a colored man over a white man” Reverend Sykes (211).Section 2:2. Who is the secret hero of To Kill a Mockingbird? How is this secret hero related to the plot? The secret hero of To Kill a Mockingbird is Boo Radley.

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Boo Radley helps Scout on many occasions such as, when Miss Maudie Atkinson’s house is burning he sneaks a blanket around Scout. “Boo Radley…put the blanket around you” Atticus (76). He also helped out during the last part of the book when Mr. Ewell tries to kill Scout and Jem. 3. Trace Scout’s journey from innocence to experience.

In the beginning she knows little about the world, its many people and problems, and in the end she has obtained knowledge about all of these subjects. “Aw, she doesn’t what we’re talking about” Jem (211). “I know every word your saying” Scout (212).

The events that shaped Scout’s maturation also helped her gain experience.4. What does the scene with Tim Johnson teach Scout? How is this scene important to the plot? The scene with Tim Johnson teaches.

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