To him, otherwise, he supposes that they

To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure
to recommend Le Phuoc Dinh, my excellent student, to your university. As Dinh’s
teacher of Mathematics and his form teacher for three years, I could appreciate
my student’s abilities and aspirations.

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Dinh is a special
gifted student in Mathematics, who always makes me proud. In the very first
classes, as valedictorian in the school’s entrance examination, Dinh expressed
his great ability with quick responses to every issue I raised, even the ones I
believed very new to fresh tenth-grade students. Since then, Dinh has been
always the most enthusiastic student in my Mathematics classes with a brilliant
and curious mind. Hard problems never defeat him, otherwise, he supposes that
they are great opportunities for him to challenge himself and explore new
knowledge in the wide Mathematical world. Never been self-satisfied and stopped
after solving a problem, he has always spent more time researching it as much
as possible by trying to find the shortest or the most elementary solution,
generalize the problem, or connect it to the others. In addition, Dinh also
explored and consulted quite a lot documents in both Vietnamese and English to
improve his solving skills.

Not only being
excellent in Math, Dinh also did very well in other academic subjects,
particularly Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. He also attended to quite
a lot extracurricular activities in the school, participated in clubs and sport
activities, volunteered to teach English for children with disabilities,…so
that his confidence and soft skills are improved significantly. His
comprehensive knowledge usually helped him play important roles in his groups
in those activities.   

Dinh has a great
teamwork skill; Math club or robotic team is where he expressed his passion,
creativity and ability to collaborate with other students. He always completed
the work assigned in time, meanwhile spent time sharing with his classmates
about new knowledge, hard problems, difficulties or successes. Moreover, his
enthusiasm and aptitude in sport has also brought himself many prizes in
soccer, chess, swimming…He told me sport was his big passion and it helped him
not only be healthy but also become more sociable and improve his teamwork
skill substantially.

Throughout the three
years of schooling, Dinh always expressed untiring efforts, tried his best to
complete every work and overcome difficulties; however, he was never
self-satisfied or conceited. In addition, he has always proved himself a
progressive student by setting goals and doing his best to achieve them. His
first prize in Vietnam Mathematical Olympiad in two consecutive years (2016 and
2017), many prizes in regional competition, the prize “The most excellent
student” of the school in two consecutive years,… were the results of his
diligence, passion and great effort during the three years.

However, studying in
Vietnam the heavy education on academics, theory, Dinh has to need more time
and appropriate environment to train life skills and apprehend his weaknesses.
That’s why I want my student to have a professional environment to fulfill his
dreams; that environment is your university and your country’s education.

With Dinh’s great
abilities and personalities, I believe that if he has the opportunity to study
in your professional environment, he will surely be able to develop his full
potential. Please contact me at the e-mail address… or the phone number … 

Yours faithfully




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