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To Whom It May Concern:I have known Sonia Amabo for two years, I have served as her class instructor and her clinical instructor in Southwestern Oklahoma State University School of Nursing. I know Sonia will be an excellent addition to your Hospital.As a student at Southwestern Oklahoma State University Sonia has always challenged herself academically. During class activities and simulations, she actively participates. Sonia is very good at working with a team and making new friends.

She has demonstrated her ability to adapt to new environments and situations. She is very friendly and always smiles when communicating with others. As a student, Sonia has demonstrated her passion to take care of people with empathy and respect. Sonia also excels in extracurricular activities. She has served as the financial secretary in the Southwestern Oklahoma State University African Students Association for two years.

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She is also an active member in the southwestern International Students Association and the college activities board where she volunteers sometimes. Her ability to work as a leader, be a member of these groups and still be a fulltime student reflects her organizational, time management and leadership skills.As a nurse in your Hospital, Sonia Amabo will bring so much to both your patients and your staff. If you have any questions concerning Sonia and her qualifications, please contact me.Sincerely,Jane Nurse RN, MSSouthwestern Oklahoma State University


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