To Jean and Peter’s argument about Josh, Margot

To all the boys I’ve loved before is a film directed by Susan Johnson which the theme of ‘The people who are close to you could also be the people who will betray you’ is evident. The film follows Lara Jean who is a a hopeless romantic, filling her mind with romance novels and a box with love letters to boys she had crushes on in the past. One of those letters was to her neighbour and best friend Josh, who was also her sisters longtime boyfriend.

Lara Jean’s little crush on Josh hasn’t fully faded yet. When Lara Jeans letters were secretly sent to their address Lara Jean was horrified that her crushes now has evidence of her feelings. When Peter who was a letter recipient approaches Lara Jean, she sees Josh coming toward her with a letter and takes the opportunity to kiss Peter and a fake relationship develops between the two. After the death of their mother, Lara Jean and Margot were really close and talks about everything together. Instead of being honest with Margot about her crush on Josh, she keeps it from her violating Margot’s trust.

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Margot overhears Lara Jean and Peter’s argument about Josh, Margot was taken aback and was surprised that her sister betrayed her and says “You’re in love with Josh?” with a shocked and disappointed look on her face. Lara Jean utters ” Margot, no…” Margot had never expected Lara Jean to hide such a big secret away from her.


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