Time that precedes it Winterization can be said

Time is running out pretty quick and winter is fast approaching, how ready and prepared are you? It’s hard to find anyone denying the fact that before the winter weather sets in, people tend to really enjoy the outdoor activities and the cool days and nights that precedes it Winterization can be said to be the manner in which we prepare something for use during the cold weather. When it comes to winterizing of homes, you will be shocked finding out that a big percentage of us don’t give it a priority. We should consider and see it as an important thing that should protect our homes from the adverse effects that can be caused by harsh winters. To top that up, in one way or another, it will also help us in saving money. Let’s not even think that this process is just an overnight task and can be done fast as this will indeed require a couple of weeks depending on how extensive the work could be. Though if some ways are followed, you will tend to have the know-how of how to winterize your home. What are some of these ways?? 1. Sealing of Drafts Cold air as well as warm air can find its way in and out of a home through the cracks and holes of walls, doors and windows. This in turn will have some negative repercussion since chances of precious energy going to waste will be high and at the end of the tunnel, your heating bills will increase. Deciding whether you will choose caulk to seal your doors and windows or even to use draft stoppers won’t be a bad idea. 2. Taking caution on trees Trees and flowers are known to tidy up our homes and the environment. It even portrays a good view to our eyes when we see the branches of a tree having spread to a long distance. During winter, that spread tends to pose a risk especially if it is hanging on your roof, windows and even driveways. The probability of either snow or ice weighing them down and even going ahead and breaking them down could be high. It is a wise act to trim or cut off the hanging branches since it will not cost that much as when compared to a damage already happened. 3. Inspecting the furnace Throughout the winter, make it a habit of regularly changing or replacing the filter of the furnace. In an extreme situation, a dirty filter could cause fire or reduce efficiency since it tends to impede the airflow. During this season, the best thing to do would be replace reusable electrostatic filters with the one that you are disposing. The advantage with the electrostatics filter is that you’ll only be needing to wash them once a month and they in turn serve you well for the rest of the month. 4. Go for products that are energy saving Energy saving products are known to be energy efficient since they help in reducing greenhouse gases emissions. Always learn to purchase this items when winterizing your home. New appliances are fond of having an energy star rating as their trademark and as a guide point, have the habit of checking on that star before the purchase. 5. Allocate some time for cleaning gutters Most times, dirty gutters are known to damage the roof and its siding especially when they are carrying rain water. Damages made by water are always hard and expensive to repair. Cleaning dirty gutters before the winter will save you a lot money wise and furthermore, we all know and believe that prevention is better than cure. In case, you don’t love cleaning gutters, you can decide to purchase covers. The purpose of the covers would be to allow drainage of the water, keep the twigs, leaves and other clogging up items away from clogging in the gutters. 6. Try out storm windows and doors By about 45%, energy efficiency can be increased in your home if you decide to use storm windows and doors. The good thing about them is that they are not hard to install and when you decide to install them, you’ll be required to install them just outside the regular doors or windows. One great advantage is that the government has offered a Federal tax credit just in case you need help in offsetting the cost of purchasing them. In conclusion, it good to remember that it won’t take much of your time in the winterization process. But, deciding to dedicate a small amount of effort and time in winterization will reap you great reward for quite a long period of time


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