Tiffany Asian-Americans. African-American growth has been mostly flat.

Tiffany ThomasEDU-330July 29, 2018Debra LynchResources for Teachers Teachers using the material to broaden their cultural competence is a great idea. America’s public schools are on the cusp of a new demographic era. This fall, for the first time, the overall number of Latino, African-American, and Asian students in public K-12 classrooms is expected to surpass the number of non-Hispanic whites. The new collective majority of minority schoolchildren—projected to be 50.

3 percent by the National Center for Education Statistics—is driven largely by dramatic growth in the Latino population and a decline in the white population, and, to a lesser degree, by a steady rise in the number of Asian-Americans. African-American growth has been mostly flat. That new majority will continue to grow, the same projections show (Al,2018). Teachers need to know how to deal with situations where the students come in speaking very little English. The reasons for this is if teachers are not properly trained on how to deal with having a classroom with diverse students, students could possibly not get the education that they need.

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Also, students will sometimes shut down when they feel left out and not on the same level as other students in the classroom. There are many reasons why the resource “A Class Divided” would be a great resource for teachers. One is that it will help teachers to understand the importance of getting to know their students and families. When a teacher is willing to take the initiative to learn all about his/her students, it shows how they have made teaching their priority and not just a pay check.

Another reason is that teachers have made it their responsibility to recognize their student’s weaknesses so that they can structure the lessons to reflect student differences. This encourages students to recognize themselves and others as individuals. I feel that without these resources many teachers would still stick with the same way of doing things in the classroom. This is not acceptable because there are new methods of teaching that will make everyone feel involved in the classroom. Classroom materials should be designed to follow the basic tenets of UDL—providing students with multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression. It is equally important to select materials that help students retain the information.

Learning is not useful if students forget what they have learned. According to Rief (1993), students retain: ReferencesAl, N n.d.

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